Daily Jokes: Eminent Psychologist Testifies during a Criminal Trial

An eminent psychologist was to sit in the witness box to answer the questions of a district attorney during a criminal trial.

Achievements are earned. It comes at a cost, and most times, individuals who have been able to distinguish themselves among their peers attain a status in the society.

The symbol of justice. | Photo: Pixabay

The symbol of justice. | Photo: Pixabay

One may find that some of the successful people in the society who have built an outstanding career seem too severe and critical, and wouldn't even laugh at a simple joke.

Their no-nonsense attitude makes people around them conscious of how they comport themselves. People are often scared to laugh, or even say something that may be termed "unreasonable," by these enlightened folks.

This joke offers a hilarious experience of a renowned no-nonsense, seemingly rigid psychologist.

After making her way to the witness box, the psychologist sat comfortably in the chair, unknown to her that the witness seat was unbalanced and had its rear legs resting behind a raised platform.

The lawyer who called the witness up proceeded with the first question, which was to identify herself by giving a name.

Before answering the question, the psychologist attempted to relax her back a bit, to look more poised and fearless. Unfortunately, this move resulted in a fall, leaving the witness in a stack of legal documents.

Without hesitating, she picked herself up, reorganized her appearance by fixing the scattered hair and dress, then made way to the witness stand to continue the procedure.

Nobody present in the court could react funnily, not after the doctor glanced around wearing a daring look.

Now determined to see through with the questioning, the procedure resumed, with the lawyer maintaining a straight face. The first few expressions blurted out were:

"Well, doctor, we could start with an easier question."

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