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Jaleel White of 'Family Matters' Looks Cool in 'Black Don't Crack' Face Mask

Gracious Egedegbe
May 07, 2020
06:30 P.M.
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Actor Jaleel White, famous for playing the character "Steve Urkel" in the hit 90s sitcom, "Family Matters," shared a cool picture of himself rocking a black facemask amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Face masks are one of the precautionary measures used to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world at the moment; people are urged to wear masks when they are outdoors. 

Celebrities have shared pictures of themselves wearing facemasks as a way to spur their fans to do the same, which has made it become quite a fashion trend these days. 

Jaleel White arrives for the 8th Annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade at UCLA Royce Quad on September 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images


Jaleel White of "Family Matters" fame shared a picture of himself donning a black face mask that had the inscription, "Black Don't Crack," on it, and a maroon face cap. 

The actor also wore a grey sleeveless hoodie and was seated in a car, waiting for his mom, a fact he made known in his caption to the post, which read: 

"When your moms used to leave you in the car to go in the store..."


Jaleel White was loved by fans of "Family Matters" so much that he became a permanent feature on the show, although he was initially billed for just one guest appearance. 

Fans remember him for being the clumsy, but, intelligent scientist,inventor and neighbor to the Winslows. Urkel appeared on the show in his iconic style, wearing signature suspenders, and big glasses.

Jaleel White may never have starred in the show if things had gone another way.


Urkel also had one of the most intriguing laughs back then on the television, with his snort-enhanced laughter. His high-pitched nasal voice was also one to remember, making the character one that will live long in many fans' memories. 

Jaleel also played a female character during the show's heydays, appearing as the Urkel's Southern belle cousin, Myrtle Urkel, a role he wasn't too happy to play at first, and of which he said during a "Family Matters" reunion

"At that age, I was concerned that my friends at school were gonna make fun of me…I went in my dressing room, and I cried."


The show's producers later came to check on Jaleel and were met by his father, who told them that his son would never play Myrtle's character again. 

Jaleel, however, played the character five years later. This time it was he who walked up to the writers to tell them that he would love to do the character again if they needed him to do so, leading them to cheer him. 


Jaleel White enjoyed a great deal of fame from playing Steve Urkel, but he may never have starred in the show if things had gone another way. The actor was supposed to star as one of the Cosby kids in "The Cosby Show." 

This is because the youngest Cosby kid was originally supposed to be male, and Jaleel auditioned for the role and thought he had gotten in, until the little girl who eventually got the role stepped in. 

Jaleel cried his eyes out at losing the role and began acting out due to his disappointment at doing so; his mom cautioned him against it, else he would never be able to act again. Looking back, it is safe to say that things did eventually turn out well. 


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