May 13, 2020

Tika Sumpter's Fiance Nicholas J Muscarella Calls Her Amazing Woman in Mother's Day Tribute

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Tika Sumpter's fiance, Nick James, appreciates her for the part she plays in his and their daughter's lives as he wishes her a happy Mother's Day.

Tika Sumpter is an amazing woman, and her fiance knows this. The actor shared a photo of his significant other alongside a heartwarming tribute to her.

Nick James and Tika Sumpter are glammed up for the premiere of "Nobody's Fool" in New York on 29, October 2018. | Photo: Getty Images


In the tribute, Nick described Tika as a loving and caring mom to her daughter and a committed entrepreneur. According to Nick, she teaches him and Ella how to persevere and stay strong always. Tika is also a source of light and love in their home.

The picture which he shared was a very beautiful one, but Sumpter is not only attractive on the surface. The star actress also has inner beauty. The post was captioned:

"Happy Mothers Day to this gorgeous, amazing woman. I'm so honored to watch you grow as a loving and caring mother..."


The two got engaged back in 2017. Tika opened up about the fantastic proposal which involved her daughter, Ella, on "The Real."

The actor asked for Sumpter's hand in marriage on Christmas day. According to Sumpter, the whole set up was simple and amazing.

Some people are still unable to get past the fact that they are an interracial couple.


The actor guided her through a hunt in their house, which he finished off with a letter from him that was presented through Ella.

According to the actress, she met Nick while she was working on the set of her projects. During her appearance on "The Real" she said:

"We do work together. I saw him on set, and I was like, 'Who is that?' He made me laugh so hard. He's so funny…"


Although Tika and Nick have a strong relationship with each other, some people are still unable to get past the fact that they are an interracial couple.

Instead of appreciating the collaboration between the two races, they use social media as a means to criticize the mother of one.

These people are mainly black men, and they describe black women like Sumpter with unkind words such as Bedwench. Tika received the insults via Twitter, after a man shared a picture of a young Nick James, who he assumed was her spouse.

The actress was not bothered at all. She went ahead to reply with a picture of her actual partner and simply advised the man to "do better."

The couple has remained strong through all the criticism as Tika is unwilling to allow people's negative comments affect her relationship.