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May 17, 2020

'Back to the Future' Cast Reunites to Discuss the Legendary Trilogy (Video)

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“Back to the Future” became a film that captured the imagination of viewers during the mid-1980s, and the cast “reunited apart” to reminisce about the legendary franchise.

Actor Josh Gad hosted the second installment of “Reunited Apart” whereby cast members of “Back to the Future” came together remotely to discuss the 1985 film to raise funds for Project Hope.

Josh Gad is joined by cast members of the film "Back to the Future" to raise money for Project Hope. | Source: YouTube/Josh Gad/


Apart from the movie’s screenwriter Bob Gale, theme-song writer Huey Lewis, and composer Alan Silvestry, beloved cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Elisabeth Shue, and Lea Thompson also joined in to travel back in time with sweet reverie. 

As the group dived into a fun conversation about the popular film, Christopher Lloyd, who played the brilliant Doc Brown, spoke of his character’s relationship with Marty McFly - the role that sent Michael J. Fox into full-blown stardom.


“He feels accepted with the Doc. And it’s just a friendship,” Michael said while Christopher added, “Doc’s a mentor. I think Marty’s intrigued by the weird stuff I do.”

Lea Thompson never expected that the flick would become a classic admired for centuries after being released, and said that it is “so incredible” that people still want to talk about it.


The classic’s writer-director, Robert Zemeckis, also joined the conversation, and couldn’t help but mention that it felt “like it was just yesterday” that the cast and crew came together to produce the beloved film franchise.

However, a reunion wouldn’t be complete without the cast recalling lines, which became synonymous with the films. Lea and Michael quickly re-created the scene where Marty traveled back to 1955 only to wake up in Lorraine’s bedroom. As Marty approached Lorraine, he promptly declared that “I’m your density.”


Even though there are no plans in adding a new film to the franchise, it didn’t stop the cast from coming up with another adventure for Doc and Marty, as Lea laughingly said that she’d like them to go back to January so the pair can “warn us about the coronavirus.”

But Michael and Christopher also do their bit to help in the present. In March, the pair came together to partake in an annual poker tournament in aid of Parkinson’s research.


Since Michael got diagnosed with the disease, he founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation specifically for raising funds in research of the disease in the hopes of finding a cure.

Michael J. Fox had been living with the disease for almost thirty years. At the same time, he starred in “Back to the Future,” Michael also dove into television with a role in the sitcom “Family Ties.” 

However, during the 1990s, Michael landed a role in the popular sitcom “Spin City,” but due to the progression of his disease, he left the show and launched the Michael J. Fox Foundation to focus on his health and help others with the same condition.


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