Daily Joke: Little Boy Tells Dad He Was Going to Run Away

Little kids are always talking about running away from home. Sometimes it's quite adorable how their short-sightedness hits them hard in the face. Here's how one dad dealt with it. 

One day, a father was rebuking his young son for being disobedient and stubborn. The child decided to be rebellious. 

He gathered a few items of clothing, his favorite toy car, and his piggy bank and put them all in his school bag. 


Then he proudly declared, "I'm running away from home!" 

The father raised his eyebrows but remained calm. He thought for a minute then asked, "What will you do when you get hungry?" 

A little boy sits next to a teddy bear | Photo: Pixabay

A little boy sits next to a teddy bear | Photo: Pixabay

"I'll come home and eat," the young boy stated with confidence. 

"What happens when you run out of money?" asked the father. 

"Then I'll just come home and get some more," the child readily answered.

The man finally asked, "And what if your clothes get dirty?" 

A young boy with his arms folded | Photo: Pixabay

A young boy with his arms folded | Photo: Pixabay

"I'll come here and let mummy wash them for me," replied the boy bravely. 

The man shook his head and said: "This kid is not running away from home, he's going off to university!" 


One day, two little boys were arguing about something. Eventually, they resorted to using family members to win. 

"My father is better than your father!" the first boy shouted. 

"No, he's not!" replied the second. 

"My brother is better than your brother!" said the first again. 

"No, he's not!" the other boy answered. 

Two boys play near a pond | Photo: Pixabay

Two boys play near a pond | Photo: Pixabay

"My mother is better than your mother!" the first boy finally said. 

The second boy stayed silent for a while before finally responding,

"Well, I think you've got me on that one. My father says the same thing." 


One night, a police officer waited outside a popular bar hoping to make a bust. 

When closing time arrived, the patrons exited and the officer saw one man clearly inebriated. 

The man stumbled about the parking lot, putting his keys in five cars before finally finding his own. 

Persons holding up filled glasses | Photo: Pixabay

Persons holding up filled glasses | Photo: Pixabay

He sat in the car for nearly fifteen minutes as the other patrons left. He turned his lights on and off, then did the same with his wipers. 

Eventually, the man started the car. He went forward onto the gas, then stopped. As the last car pulled out, the man finally drove onto the road. 

The officer immediately took off behind the man, putting on his lights for him to pull over. When he did, the officer administered a breathalyzer test.

A police cruiser | Photo: Pixabay

A police cruiser | Photo: Pixabay

To his shock, the man blew a 0.00. "This equipment must be broken!" said the patrolman. 

"I doubt it," replied the man. "Tonight I'm the designated decoy!"

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