Rebbie Jackson's Daughter Yashi Brown Celebrates Mom's 70th Birthday with a Touching Tribute

Rebbie Jackson's daughter praised her for her impeccable fashion sense and gushed over their close bond as she celebrated her mother's 70th birthday with a touching tribute.

The eldest member of the legendary Jackson family, Rebbie Jackson, celebrated her 70th birthday with a touching tribute from her daughter, Yashi Brown, she wrote:

"I put my mama's swag up against anybody…bring it on! She's too much. Can't miss your 70th born day. Love you so much."

Rebbie married Nathaniel Brown at 18-years-old, the couple was together until he died in 2013. They had three children. In her birthday tribute, Yashi gushed over their close bond saying:

"The reason I made through my struggles. My rock, my calm, my everything. Love you mom."

A fan from across the world sent Rebbie well wishes and commented, "I hope your mum had an amazing birthday sending her lots of love from Liverpool in the UK."

"Amen, nothing like a mother's love, period. God continues to bless," said another person. Yashi had also acknowledged her aunt, La Toya Jackson's birthday. La Toya commented and expressed her appreciation for the birthday message.

La Toya Jackson commented on Yashi Brown's birthday tribute to her and Rebbie Jackson | Source:

La Toya Jackson commented on Yashi Brown's birthday tribute to her and Rebbie Jackson | Source:

La Toya honored her 64th birthday by paying tribute to her parents, Katherine Jackson, and the late Jo Jackson. She shared a series of photos that included some rarely seen vintage images of the couple.

In a heartfelt message, she wrote, "I am most grateful and giving a wonderful thank you to these two incredible people, my parents, who brought me into the world on this day! I love you both, and I thank you!"

According to Daily Mail, Rebbie was one of the original members of the Jackson music group. Along with her sisters, she used to perform with her large family in Las Vegas.

However, after they parted with Motown Records and rebranded their image to The Jackson's, which only incorporated her bothers, she embraced a solo career.

In an interview with the New York Post, Rebbie revealed that she played a significant role in helping look after her siblings when they were younger.

She revealed that when she was a teenager, her mother decided to go back to school, leaving her with a lot of the responsibilities of being the caregiver and disciplinarian to her younger siblings.

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