June 09, 2020

'Home & Family' Host Mark Steines' Wife Julie and Their Baby Daughter Celebrate His Birthday

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Former "Home & Family" host Mark Steines was warmly celebrated by his author wife, Julie, and their 2-year-old daughter, in sweet posts during his birthday.

Julie honored her man by uploading three beautiful images that featured the couple. The first was a close up photo of the pair flashing their teeth at the camera.

Another looked like the couple were out on a date, as they both dressed in matching colored attires. She wished the celebrant a "Happy Birthday," and described him as "the man with that orbit gum sparkle."

TV host Mark Steines attends Pedal On The Pier at Santa Monica Pier on June 02, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Steines was celebrated by the two most important women in his life on that special day. His toddler daughter, Parker Rose, expressed her artistic talent by scribbling a colorful "HAPPY CAKE DAY DADA," on a whiteboard.

"Dada" did appreciate the love and shared a picture of the little artist and her artwork. He quipped:

"An original piece of artwork for my 'Happy Cake Day.' " I'll cherish it always."


Parker Rose's parents welcomed their first and only child together in 2017. She came earlier than expected. Julie suffered an ICP condition that could have led to the death of the child and had to deliver her baby through a C-section.

That didn't subdue the overwhelming joy felt by the onscreen star who shared the news of his daughter's arrival. Though this is not the first time he'd be introduced to fatherhood, as he shares two sons, Avery and Kai, with a former partner.

Steines sued the Hallmark network for an inappropriate termination of contract.


The "Home & Family" star is committed to maintaining a cordial relationship with his sons. Julie has a smooth and healthy relationship with the boys as well.

They all hang out and appear to have the best of time enjoying each other's company. One of Steines' posts showed the boys and the couple on a New York trip. The proud father wrote:

"Go ahead...start spreading the news... we're in NYC."


Everything seems settled at the home front, and family life couldn't have been any better for the "Home & Family" star. However, it's a different ball game in the work front.

A year after his daughter's birth, Steines sued the Hallmark network for an inappropriate termination of contract.

His legal papers revealed that after he showed discontentment at the misogynistic conduct of the executive producer, the show decided to fire him.


Steines and his author wife, Julie, have an excellent relationship even though they've been married for only four years.  They appear to be the perfect fit for each other, right from the moment they decided to take their vows in front of more than 100 guests.

At that time, the TV personality stated that "the darkness that once existed has been lifted," and joyfully claimed that nothing but a bright future awaits them.