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Sheletta Chapital - Facts about Anthony Mackie’s Ex-wife and Mother of His 4 Children

Andile Mthimkhulu
Aug 11, 2022
09:52 A.M.

Sheletta Chapital is the ex-wife of famous actor Anthony Mackie. But besides being known as the former spouse of one of Hollywood's top stars, find out other interesting facts about Sheletta Chapital, who's in the beauty industry.


Sheletta Chapital is a makeup artist who became well-known after marrying "Avengers: End Game" actor Anthony Mackie.

The makeup artist and the superhero movie actor were married for about three years before their divorce and had four kids during their marriage.

Despite Sheletta being his ex-wife, she and the kids still mean a lot to him. Approval from the four kids he shares with his childhood sweetheart is what matters to him.



Sheletta Chapital was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the late 1970s. Her mother is Sheila Chapital; however, her father's identity is unknown, despite her mom posting family images on Facebook.

She went to high school at McMain Magnet Secondary School and then attended Warren Sr. High School. Sheletta now lives in New Orleans and has a "single" status on her Facebook page.

The mother-of-four became a makeup artist after attending different schools, but there are not many details about her profession. She prefers privacy, and even on her Facebook page, she doesn't post many pictures or information.


Sheletta shared a beautiful photo on her Facebook page, and her mom commented on the post by saying, "Hey, my beautiful daughter!!"


"So I walk in, and I looked, and I see this little girl with these ratty pigtails and skinny legs, and I was like, 'Wow!'" Anthony recalls meeting Sheletta in grade school.

Like Anthony, Sheletta was only seven years old at the time, but she also felt drawn to him, and the two became inseparable for decades. As Sheletta's husband told Queen Latifah in 2014, they dated on and off from that time until their marriage in 2014.

Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital attend the premiere of "The Adjustment Bureau" on February 14, 2011, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital attend the premiere of "The Adjustment Bureau" on February 14, 2011, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Even though the actor became a recognizable big-screen star in 2012 for his role as Sam Wilson/Falcon in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," the press only learned about Sheletta in the months leading to the couple's secret wedding.

Sheletta and her husband were both 28 and had not seen each other for a while when the two reconnected after running into each other at a rock concert.

"She put her number in my phone, and it's been dope ever since," the actor shared with James Corden in 2015.


Anthony and Sheletta managed to keep their relationship private because of their extreme discretion. But Sheletta's spouse probably knew that hiding a relationship after marriage wasn't possible in the long run, so he prepared the public by mentioning his longtime girlfriend on live television.


When Latifah asked him in an April 2014 episode of her namesake talk show whether there was a "Mrs. Mackie," the actor answered affirmatively, although referring to Sheletta only as his "Falconette."

Eight months later, the couple was married, although the media only found out about it in June 2015, when it was confirmed by Page Six.

As the news outlet learned, the couple managed to avoid media attention by getting married in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, where they also spent their honeymoon (Mackie was filming "Our Brand Is Crisis" at the time).

"It was low-key and super relaxed. They had a welcome dinner. We golfed and drank," one of the guests at the private celebration told Page Six.



Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital's firstborn, a boy, was born in 2009, years before the longtime boyfriend-girlfriend went on to marry.

In November 2015, the pair announced that they had recently given birth to their third child. While it wasn't the first time, Sheletta's husband admitted that the addition changed his perspective on many aspects.

"It just changes your entire perspective on the world. Even traveling is an issue now — I've got to buy five tickets!" Anthony half-joked in a Los Angeles Times interview.


TMZ reported in 2019 that the actor and Sheletta had four children before their divorce. In 2020, Sheletta's husband spoke with Fatherly about fatherhood and his relationship with his kids.

The proud dad said he and his sons talk about everything. But despite them being open, he also said he treats them with respect but is "very stern with them."

The actor also expressed that he tells his kids about their history and how he came from a family of "strong Black women." He said he loves his kids' relationships with each other. The dad added, "The most rewarding part is seeing them grow up to be good human beings, really nice kids."


Despite the star's busy schedule, he still makes time for the kids. The father of four plays games with his boys, and he also said he had to get his children to watch his TV series "The Falcon" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

During an interview in 2021 on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Sheletta's husband said:

"We're a board game family so I had to force them to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Because it's World War III over here when we play our board games. We've ripped up many Hungry Hungry Hippo going at it over board games."


Just as quietly as they married four years earlier, the couple filed for divorce in 2017 and officially finalized the legal process to end their marriage the following year.


TMZ only obtained the exclusive news of the split by May 2019. The news outlet reported that the separation happened on friendly terms, and the reason behind their decision remains unknown to the public.

Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital attend the premiere of "The Adjustment Bureau" on February 14, 2011, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital attend the premiere of "The Adjustment Bureau" on February 14, 2011, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

As TMZ also noted, Sheletta wasn't seen with her former husband at the "Avengers: Endgame" premiere early in 2019, contrary to what had happened at previous red carpet events.

Despite Sheletta and her husband's divorce, they have maintained a good relationship, and Anthony can see the children whenever he wants. Sheletta continues to choose a private life for herself and the children.

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