GMA's Robin Roberts and Dan Harris Talk about Meditation and His Book in a Video

GMA's Robin Roberts and news anchor Dan Harris talk about meditation, its benefits, and Harris's new book in a new video on Instagram.

"Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts and news anchor Dan Harris discuss meditation, its benefits, and Harris' new book titled "10% Happier" on one of Roberts's Monday meditation videos.

Robin Roberts discusses "Thriver Thursday" with the Build Series at Build Studio on November 20, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Robin Roberts discusses "Thriver Thursday" with the Build Series at Build Studio on November 20, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

The video began with Roberts sitting on the floor in her house wearing an orange Nike shirt with the word "Connecticut" written across it while addressing those who had joined her for the meditation session.

She revealed that Dan Harris was going to be tuning in to discuss his new book titled "10% Happier" and the things he had learned from his journey to meditation. 

On joining the video, Harris expressed that the reason he decided to start meditation was because of an embarrassing incident that happened in June 2004, where he suffered a panic attack on national television while reading the headline news.

Harris admitted that although most people might not have caught it, those close to him knew he had suffered a panic attack and urged him to control his emotions.

Following that incident, Harris' journey into meditation began. Although he had difficulties at the beginning, he soon understood how helpful meditation was, and right now, he was in a better place for it.

He has used meditation to change his life.

Harris further stated that the event that happened on national television was a culmination of the attacks he had suffered from childhood. He revealed that the biggest take away from the incident was that the human mind was trainable.

He added that for most people, the journey to getting the hang of meditation might be pretty challenging, but when one realizes that they can note the moment they are distracted, then they have made significant progress. 

Harris then revealed that meditation could help people understand their biases and work on it such that it does not affect the decisions they make and how they interact with people of other races.

Robert and Harris concluded their chat by discussing how they have been coping with the lockdown and how their families have been making the most of the moment.

Harris's book follows his journey to self-meditation and how he has used meditation to change his life.

Robin Roberts, who once battled cancer at two different times in her life, is also a big fan of meditation and has revealed that meditation has helped her make the most of her time.

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