Ireland Baldwin Had Tough Times with Dad Alec — Meet His Beautiful Daughter from Kim Basinger

Model and actress Ireland Baldwin, one of the five children of "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin, used to have a very negative relationship with her dad growing up.

Born in October 1995, Ireland is the only daughter that Alec had with his first wife, Kim Basinger. Just like her mother, Ireland is a talented model who has appeared in covers of Marie Claire, Elle, Grazia, and other famous magazines.

Her healing process took a lot of time and a lot of therapy.

Ireland Baldwin and Alec Baldwin on September 07, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images

Ireland Baldwin and Alec Baldwin on September 07, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images


Unfortunately, when Alec and Kim's relationship came to its end after nearly eight years of marriage, they entered a long and complicated custody battle over Ireland, which negatively impacted the child's relationship with her father.

According to Alec, staying in touch with Ireland during that time was almost impossible because of Kim. In his 2008 book titled "A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce," the actor shared several details of the process.

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He blamed the attorneys involved in the case for all the challenges faced. He even labeled them as "opportunists" because he spent almost $3 million in legal costs before finally reaching a joint custody agreement.

Apart from that, Alec pointed out that Ireland Baldwin's mom used to deny him access to his daughter and his visitation rights and wouldn't even allow the child to call him. Also, for "reasons of convenience," Kim wouldn't drop Ireland off during scheduled switches.


In 2007, when Ireland was only 11 years old, Alec exploded. When he tried to contact her through a phone call, and she didn't pick up, he left an angry voicemail insulting her. Eventually, that tape was sold to the media and went viral.

The actor later apologized in a public statement, in which he explained that he reacted in such a negative way as a result of several years of "parental alienation."

Two years after the incident, the actor confessed that his mental health was affected in a way that he even had suicidal thoughts. Alec also said that his and Ireland's relationship was permanently broken.

The only thing that changed Ireland Baldwin's perspective on her unhealthy relationship with her father was, sadly, the passing of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna.

Ireland Baldwin on October 17, 2017 in Universal City, California | Photo: Getty Images

Ireland Baldwin on October 17, 2017 in Universal City, California | Photo: Getty Images


Ireland said that there was no point in arguing and that it was impossible to know when something bad would happen to another person, which is why it "all comes down to love."

Alec Baldwin's daughter also admitted that her healing process took "a lot of time and a lot of therapy," and that, while they are indeed in a much better place, the fact that she lives in Los Angeles and he lives in New York makes it hard for them to spend time together.

In any case, she probably let off steam by being a part of the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin in September 2019. In it, she made some harsh yet hilarious jokes about their relationship, including the infamous 2007 voicemail.

Speaking of the tape incident, Ireland said that they were all in "really dark places" and that the fact that it went public made everything more important and significant than it actually was.

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I rarely address being a stepmom, but it is part of our family. I always want to deal with it with such often you hear horror stories about evil stepparents and I wanted to make sure I did right by the family I was stepping into when I married Alec. I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise. Having a stepchild is a delicate matter. Especially one who is grown. I think my relationship with her has been so successful because I never tried to step in as her mommy. She has a good mother, who I have tremendous respect for...and I put myself in Kim’s shoes: if my children ever had a stepmother, I’d want her to let me be number one. When I met Ireland, I said to Alec: if she is not ok with our relationship, I cannot go further. Family is first and she needed to be ok with me. We have never had a fight or a bad moment. Nor have I with her mother. Ireland and I love each other and she knows that I am here for her...and I know that she is here for me. I am inspired by her, look up to her (not just height wise 😂)...she gave her father away at our wedding, is the best big sister anyone could ask for...and I give her space. I don’t ever expect her to be anyone other than herself. As someone who loves her, my job was not to step in and take over...but rather respect what had been for the first 15 years of her life and then become a part of that, in a way that works for everyone. So yes, sometimes my language about my biological children does not include her. Because I did not birth her and I never want to disrespect the fact that she has a wonderful mother. But this will never take away from how much I love her, need her in my life, and think that she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Please don’t look for trouble where there is none. Love you @irelandbasingerbaldwin after writing this and using the word “step” so many times, I think I know why it is called a “stepparent” now 😂🤪🤔

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Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, has also publicly recognized that she has a very good relationship with her stepdaughter. In April last year, Hilaria shared a photo on Instagram with a beautiful caption gushing about Ireland. Before admitting that having a stepchild was a "delicate matter," Hilaria wrote:

"I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise."

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Nowadays, Ireland Baldwin is in a romantic relationship with Corey Harper, a musician who, just like her, has been very involved in the recent Black Lives Matter protests across the States.

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