Inside Late 'Pointer Sisters' Singer Bonnie Pointer's Marriage to Ex Jeffrey Bowen

The talented singer was a founding member of the acclaimed and influential musical group, which lasted for several years. After she met and married her long-time husband, she left the group to develop a solo career.

Patricia Eva ‘Bonnie’ Pointer was born on July 11, 1950. She met Motown Records Chairman and music producer, Jeffrey Bowen, and both got married in 1978. Their long marriage lasted for 35 years, however, in 2004, they agreed to separate. During their relationship, they never had any children.

Singer Bonnie Pointer poses for a portrait in 1079 in Los Angeles, California in 1979. I Image: Getty Images.

Singer Bonnie Pointer poses for a portrait in 1079 in Los Angeles, California in 1979. I Image: Getty Images.

Ten years later, in 2014, Pointer decided to file the divorce papers in order to definitely end her marriage to Bowen, and it finally became effective two years later, in 2016.


Bonnie was the first to form the singing group as a duo with her sister June. Later,  younger sisters Ruth and Anita joined them. Initially, they performed backing voices for other groups but later were signed and recorded several singles. Admitting that Bonnie was “the catalyst” of the siblings’ music career, Anita once said in an interview :

“I saw them at the Fillmore West, and I lost my mind.”

The Pointers Sister had two stages: the original group, formed by the quartet led by  Bonnie Pointer, and the late group that shook the music of the 80s with its brilliant rhythm between soul, synth-pop, and disco.

Originally, their country music influence left a mark in the group since they received a Grammy Award for best country performance by a duo or a group. Along with Bonnie, the group had recognition and success, however, nothing compared to the commercial triumph of its later versions.


After Bonnie's marriage to Bowen, they both started to project the singer’s career towards a solo music path. After that, the Pointers Sisters were never the same again. In fact, the two albums Bonnie recorded with Motown Records were not as successful as they wished.

The singer entered into a contractual dispute with the record label and did not record with them for five years, until If The Price Is Right, in 1984. She still went on to try, and on her latest album, Like Picasso, she has excellent moments with soul-rock mixes and a detailed harmonica that gives it a touch of blues.


Bonnie Pointer's marriage to Jeffrey Bowen was full of conflict and quarreling. On several occasions, they had to face the law for continuous beatings and even charges for overuse of controlled substances by the singer. A few years later, Bonnie retired and use to make presentations occasionally.

The sisters also retired but got together a couple of times, like when they received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and some shows in Las Vegas. Bonnie recently died of a cardiac arrest on June 10, 2020, as reported by her sister Anita. The youngest of the Pointer Sisters, June, passed away in 2006.

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