June 20, 2020

Martin Lawrence's Ex-wife Pat Smith Gushes over a Meaningful Necklace Gifted to Her by Her Kids

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Pat Smith is the proud mother of five children, and they recently showed their gratitude for the woman who raises them by giving her a very touching gift that she shared with fans on Instagram.

Former Miss Virginia USA, Pat Smith, has a lot to be thankful for. She recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with retired football star Emmitt Smith, and her son E.J just graduated high school.

Emmitt Smith and Pat Smith on June 30, 2017 in Dallas, Texas | Photo: Getty Images


And that’s not all. The 49-year-old beauty received a meaningful gift from her kids this week, as a token of their gratitude for being a great mother, it seems.


Pat took to Instagram to share a selfie where she’s seen rocking a gorgeous silver necklace with a pendant that reads “Mother” in a cursive font.

Pat and Emmitt taught their kids that they’re not entitled to anything and that they have to work hard.


The necklace, Pat said, serves as a reminder of the responsibility she has with every single one of her kids.

She took the opportunity to address those black mothers who have lost their kids, saying that she wears the necklace with humility while thinking of them, and adding:

“There is not a day that I’m not concerned about being in your shoes!! I can’t say that I understand your pain, but I will listen to the cry of your heart."



Pat Smith first came into the spotlight as a pageant queen in 1993. Not only did she win Miss Virginia USA, but she also became the first runner-up in Miss USA.

Two years later, Pat made it to the headlines for a very different reason: she married comedian Martin Lawrence and welcomed her first daughter,  Jasmine Page Lawrence, in 1996. The pair split in 1997.


Martin Lawrence went on to marry Shamicka Gibbs in 2010, and they divorced two years later. The comedian is now engaged to spa owner Roberta Moradfar. 

Pat, on the other hand, found love once again with former NFL star Emmitt Smith. With their marriage in 2000, Pat became a stepmom to Emmith’s daughter Rheagen, who was born two years earlier.


But the couple also wanted to have kids of their own, and they welcomed son Emmitt IV or EJ, in 2002. EJ was followed by Skylar in 2003, and Elijah, who came in 2010 when Pat was in her forties.


Aside from starring in a reality show, Pat and Emmitt started the Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, a non-profit that offers educational opportunities for children primarily in North Texas.


For the couple has been essential to bring their kids to the frontline whenever they’re doing charity work, so that the kids can understand not only how privileged they are, but also that they have the possibility of changing someone’s life for the better.

Pat and Emmitt taught their kids that they’re not entitled to anything and that they have to work hard for whatever they want.