Boris Kodjoe Glows Alongside His Son and Daughter in a Sweet Father's Day Video

Actress Nicole Ari Parker takes to Instagram to celebrate her husband Boris Kodjoe on Father’s Day with a video of him with their two kids, Sophia and Nicolas.

Father’s Day for Boris Kodjoe and his family was filled with sweetness and loving messages. Actress and model Nicole Ari Parker shared a heartwarming clip of her husband, Boris Kodjoe, and their kids, Nicolas and Sophia, with all three of them beaming and radiating happiness. Parker captioned:

“If #KinglyJoy was a person. Daddy. Bubb. Everything Good. We love you so. Happy Father’s Day.”

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe attends the 26th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on March 4, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe attends the 26th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on March 4, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

The brief clip showed Kodjoe and his children sitting together showing off their pearl whites with Sophia lovingly touching a hand to her father’s face, while her younger brother gave a shy smile to the camera.

Kodjoe and Sophia were dressed in matching white outfits with her brown hair neatly pulled back with a white headband while Nicolas was wearing a deep blue t-shirt.

Parker’s fans and followers took to the comments section to fawn over her beautiful family and joined her in wishing her beau a happy Father’s Day. The proud dad also shared a sweet throwback photo of himself with his children and a recent photo of them on this own Instagram page.

Kodjoe and Parker have been married for fifteen years, and their marriage is often the focus of admiration.

Parker and her loving husband share a beautiful relationship. The lovebirds met on the set of the early 2000s television series, "Soul Food,” and their love story kicked off from their on-screen scripted romance.

In 2015, the couple sat down for a chat with New York Post to talk about their relationship thus far and how the romance had sparked between them in the beginning. Kodjoe revealed:

“At first were very hesitant because we were aware of the cliché and we didn’t want to fall into that. We fought it until the whole crew begged us to finally get together.”

Their hesitation to be just another couple that fell in love on set turned out to be wasted energy. Kodjoe and his sweetheart tied the knot in Germany in 2005 after ditching an originally designated wedding in Los Angeles when it became clear that it would have been an extremely extravagant and outrageous event.

The wedding in Germany was much tamer. Their fifteen-year marriage is often the focus of admiration. Many couples within Hollywood and otherwise aspire to be like them, including musical and real power couple, T.I and Tiny, who brought Kodjoe and Parker on their podcast to share their secrets to a successful marriage.

The trolls on Twitter had a field day joking that Kodjoe and his wife did not have a single cheating scandal marring their story while T.I and Tiny had several. Regardless, the sweet husband adores his wife unconditionally, and they have a beautiful family and live a happy, peaceful life with their kids.

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