Daily Joke: A Tour Bus Driver Is Driving Aged People around Town

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 28, 2020
05:30 A.M.

A bus driver was driving a group of aged people around town when one of the women offered him peanuts. He later found out that the peanuts had chocolate around them, which the older people licked off before handing them to him.


A tour bus driver was driving around town with a bus full of older people when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder.

A Caucasian man driving a bus. | Photo: Getty Images

A Caucasian man driving a bus. | Photo: Getty Images

He looked back and saw that he had been tapped by one of the elderly women. The woman then offered the driver a handful of peanuts, which he accepted and happily munched on as he drove.

Fifteen minutes later, the driver felt another tap on his shoulder and turned to see the elderly woman offering him another handful of peanuts.

Stack of almonds dipped in milk chocolate. | Photo: Getty Images

Stack of almonds dipped in milk chocolate. | Photo: Getty Images


Wondering why she was giving him all of the peanuts, the driver asked the elderly woman why she and the other aged people on the bus were not eating the peanuts. She then replied:

"Oh don't worry about us dear, We just love the chocolate around them."

In for another funny joke? Well, here's a second joke that involves an older woman and the police after an alleged robbery incident.

The older woman put a call through to the police after finding out that some thieves had broken into her car and stolen some of her things.


During the phone call, the older woman listed that her dashboard, steering wheel, brake pedal, and the accelerator had all been stolen.

After hearing this, the police proceeded to start an investigation, but before they could get on with it, the phone rang for a second time.

A police officer on a call. | Photo: Getty Images

A police officer on a call. | Photo: Getty Images

On picking the call, the older woman's voice came through the phone and rather than reporting another thing, she withdrew her former complaint when she said:

"Never mind, I got in the backseat by mistake."

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Source: Startsat60

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