June 28, 2020

Craig Melvin's Wife Lindsay Melts Hearts with Photos of Him Performing Daddy Duties on Their Kids

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ESPN anchor, Lindsay Czarniak, appreciates her husband for being an amazing father as she shares adorable photos of him on father's day.

Lindsay Czarniak is dishing out loads of cuteness on Instagram. The mother of two recently shared adorable pictures of her husband, Craig Melvin, with their kids.

In the first photo, Melvin is seen sleeping while holding one of their kids, who was a newborn at the time. For the second picture, Melvin is seen sitting on a log of wood with his two kids.

Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak attend the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards In New York on May 9, 2015. I Image: Getty Images


The three were out in the woods. Sybil, who has a head full of blond curly hair, was sitting very close to her dad as she smiled in the photo.

Her brother, Delano, was sitting right next to them while holding a long stick. Czarniak posted the pictures to celebrate her husband's fatherhood journey on father's day. In the post caption, she wrote:

"From the day you became a dad, you have thrived in this role @craigmelvinnbc thank you for all you do and Happy Father's Day…"


Melvin became a father for the first time in 2014 when the couple had their first child, Delano. Melvin's middle name is Delano, so his son was named after him.

Melvin has proven his love for and devotion to his family many times, and according to him, they give him life.


Two and a half years later, the family of three welcomed another bundle of joy named Sybil. Melvin and Czarniak got the inspiration for her name from Delano, who used to refer to his little sister as Sibby when his mum was pregnant with her.

The couple has had a lot of fun bonding with their kids, especially on special occasions like Sybil's first Halloween or their trip to Disneyland, but their journey as parents has not been all fun and games.


Melvin and Craig's kids are biracial and so they have to be educated on how to deal with issues that neither of their parents can relate to. The two have had to engage in difficult discussions regarding race issues. Melvin opened up about it during an episode of "3rd Hour of Today". He said:

"we're starting to talk about how we're going to be able to help them...My wife is white; she grew up white, I grew up black, that was it." 


The interracial couple got married three years after they met while Melvin was still working at NBC4. They got on well from the beginning and formed a strong bond with the aid of their common interests in music and whatchamacallit candy bars.

Their relationship was kept between them at first, but they later opened up about it. Melvin has proven his love for and devotion to his family many times, and according to him, they give him life.