Man Brings up the Fact That His Wife Treats Their Daughter Differently Than Their Sons

Bettina Dizon
Jun 28, 2020
06:30 P.M.

A man sought help from Reddit users to ask about his wife's unexplainable behavior that shows favoritism towards their daughter, whereas their two sons feel left out.


While having a favorite is sometimes inevitable for parents, they should never show it among their children.

However, a woman made it evident that she placed all attention towards her daughter, and left nearly nothing to her sons.

Her husband sought help from the Reddit community to gather different opinions about his wife and how he should approach the situation.


Among the many times the man's wife showed favoritism towards their daughter was during birthday and Christmas when she bought expensive gifts for the child while preventing her husband from doing the same for their sons.


Other times include saying goodnight and hugging their daughter while disregarding their two boys. The husband also noted a specific circumstance that their boys asked their mom to look at a photo they drew.

As predicted, she ignored them, whereas the wife immediately agreed to play with their girl. Finally, the couple's eldest son went to his dad and asked why "mommy didn't love us anymore."


It was then that the husband decided to confront his wife about the unfair treatment she shows their kids. After putting the kids to sleep, he sat her down to talk.

"[I] said that I love she had a great relationship with our daughter, but that she barely pays any attention to our sons and that it was putting a strain on the whole family," he shared.


However, the woman disagreed and said her husband was making false accusations. To make things worse, she let him sleep on the couch.


Despite making his wife aware of his observations, she remained the same -- favoring their daughter. "This could and would be severely damaging towards how they might function as adults," he told his wife about their sons.

Comments from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/JailbirdTheGreat

Comments from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/JailbirdTheGreat


Furious, the wife replied that her husband favored the boys and did not spend enough time with their daughter. She threatened to divorce him if he kept going at her with "baseless accusations."

Several Reddit users agreed with the husband and called the wife out for her behavior; however, the wife chose to turn a blind eye.

Everyone knows parenting can be a tough job; hence, the many moms and dads turn to Reddit for advice.

Comments from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/JailbirdTheGreat

Comments from Reddit. | Source: Reddit.com/JailbirdTheGreat

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