Teacher Does Not Give Money to Sister for Her Unborn Child

A Reddit user recently shared her story on the app. She is a teacher who has refused to help her pregnant younger sister sort a bill for the unborn child.

The poster claimed that her younger sister has been married for about a decade, and ever since, the soon-to-be mom has battled with financial difficulties with her man. 

A young pregnant woman resting on a couch. | Photo: Getty Images

A young pregnant woman resting on a couch. | Photo: Getty Images

According to the teacher: ".. she and her husband have struggled with finances since 2009, when they got married. They both work in the restaurant industry, and tried to open their own restaurant a few years ago."

Recently, the older sister received a message from her married sister, who asked for a $200 loan, which involves a need for her unborn daughter. 

A young pregnant woman crossing the road with her spouse. | Photo: Getty Images

A young pregnant woman crossing the road with her spouse. | Photo: Getty Images

The teacher admitted that she is not buoyant enough to help out. She stated that although her boyfriend is a medical practitioner, she would not consider asking him for any financial support pertaining to her sister's request.

These reasons didn't seem reasonable enough to the pregnant sister, who got angry and lashed out. She went on about how the turn down may cause her to put the baby up for adoption when she is born.

Without any hesitation, the teacher blurted that her main priority is looking after herself before bothering about anyone.

Other family members, such as the poster's mom and siblings, got infuriated, and supported the restaurant worker.

The older sibling had asked them to help out instead, and they confirmed that they all made their little contributions already.

She later shared that she has helped out this same sister in the past with a $10,000 loan, but received only $300 in return.

Apart from that, the teacher explained that she bought some gifts for her boyfriend's daughter, which has caused some financial distress from her end.

Many Reddit users quickly commented that the poster's stance is not faulty. Some focused on the fact that the soon to be parents were not financially stable enough to cater for a child.

Another set of comments centered on the teacher's rights to her finances and advised that she could do as she pleases as long as it is her money.

One eye-catching comment was that of a Reddit user who explained that the poster acted slightly immaturely but maintained that she is entitled to her earnings.

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