Daily Joke: A Man Is Struggling to Find a Parking Space

A man is struggling to find parking space and decides to pray about it. However, before he finishes his prayer, something weird happens.

It can be pretty frustrating when one has to look for a space to park in a parking lot. With some people not parking properly to some sitting in their cars and not moving, sometimes it is a big struggle. 

A man had gone out and was struggling to find a place to park. Having looked around for a while, he decides to pray that a spot opens up.

A frustrated man praying to God. | Photo: Getty Images.

A frustrated man praying to God. | Photo: Getty Images.

Looking upward, he started by saying he could no longer stand the stress of looking for a place to park. He continued his prayer by saying: 

"If you open a space up for me, I swear I'll give up the drink and go to mass every Sunday."

Just as he was about concluding his prayers, the clouds part and the sun shines brightly on an empty parking spot. Noticing the available slot, he was eager to claim the spot thereby, concluding his prayers with, "Never mind I have found one."

Here is another joke about things not being as they seem. A young, vibrant monk arrived in a monastery for the first time and was eager to get on with the monastery's activities. 

Following his introduction at the monastery, he was assigned to join the older monks in copying the ancient laws of the church by hand. Eager to begin the task, he approaches the other monks and notices something unusual.

A monk worships Buddha Statue. | Photo: Getty Images

A monk worships Buddha Statue. | Photo: Getty Images

The older monks were copying from copies of the manuscript and not from the original manuscript itself. Surprised by this, the new monk headed over to the head monk to relay this observation.

He further explains that if someone made a minute error in the first copy, it would never be picked, and that error was prone to be continued in any subsequent manuscript written from it.

Having listened to the new monk's observation, the head monk decided that his points were valid and decided that he needed to make sure that no error had been made from the original manuscript.

He then goes down to the basement and dark caves beneath the monastery to bring out the original manuscripts and make the needed comparison and confinement.

Hours went by, and the head monk did not return, causing the other monks to worry about his safety. The new monk decided to fetch him, and the condition in which he met the head monk was alarming.

The head monk was down in the basement wailing, hitting his head against the wall and repeatedly mumbling "We missed the R."

Shocked by this, the new monk asked what the problem was, and the head monk looked up at him with tears running down his face and said: The word is CELEBRATE." For more funny jokes, click here.

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