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June 27, 2020

Mike Epps Shows His Fatherly Side Posing with His Adorable Baby Daughter Indi in Heartwarming Snaps

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Mike Epps' wife, Kyra Epps, gushed over the comedian's bond with their daughter as she honored him in a heartwarming Father's Day tribute.

Mike Epps became a father to another girl when he and his wife Kyra Epps announced that they were expecting their first child together.

The couple had just gotten married in a lavish wedding in 2019, which included guests such and Snoop Dogg, Shante Broadus and, Tameka "Tiny" Harris. Months later, they welcomed their daughter, Indiana Rose Epps.


The couple named her Indiana after Mike's favorite city and hometown. He has four daughters named Makayla, Mariah, Bria and Maddie from previous relationships.

The actor is a dedicated father to his girls. Proving just how much of special bond he shares with his newborn, Kyra gushed about him in a Father's Day tribute.


The new mom shared a heartwarming photo of Epps smiling over Indiana as she lay on a cushion while looking back at him. Another photo showed him cradling her. In her caption, Kyra wrote: 

"I never seen Indi look at anyone the way she looks at you. She’s so blessed to have you as her father. We love you 4ever & always."


"Happy Father's Day. She's your twin," commented one person. Another fan loved the father-daughter bonding moment and wrote, "such a touching photo."

Other fans couldn't help admiring how adorable Indiana looked in both photos. Mike also commented on the post and thanked Kyra for her touching tribute.

Mike Epps commented on Kyra Epps' Father's Day tribute that included photos of himself and their daughter, Indiana Rose Epps | Source: Instagram.com/kyraepps


In an interview in 2016 with


, Mike doted over his daughters and said that they were all his favorites. Although he admitted to wanting a son one day, the comedian said:

"I wish I had a son. My mother had eight sons and one girl. My mother cried every day. A woman can't control a little boy that much."

Mike revealed that he came from a family of eight boys and one girl. He explained that his mother hand challenges controlling her boys because having a son is "like dealing with a little man," he said.

With five daughters and a granddaughter, he joked that his family's gene pool had turned the table on him and given him the girls his mother would have wanted for herself.