Priscilla Shirer Is a Proud Mom of Three Sons — a Glimpse into the Actress' Family Life

Actress and author Priscilla Shirer, best known for the Christian drama film "War Room," has three sons with her husband, Jerry Shirer. Their love story is one of a kind.

Before Priscilla became the talented actress that she is nowadays, she attended Dallas Theological Seminary and earned a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies.

Earlier this year, Priscilla made headlines after undergoing lung surgery.

Priscilla Shirer on August 15, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images

Priscilla Shirer on August 15, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images


Apart from that, she used to be a motivational speaker for Zig Ziglar. For that reason, she was hired to speak at a Hilton Hotels luncheon in March 1998.

Months before the event took place, though, the woman who was organizing everything asked Priscilla to send her details, which included everything from her professional information to a photo.

As soon as the organizer saw Priscilla Shirer's picture, she wanted to match her up with her "handsome director Jerry Shirer."

For Priscilla, it was weird, especially because the organizer was a total stranger. The actress admitted that she thought the organizer had "lost her mind," and to make matters worse, she was not even interested in meeting a man at that point in her life.

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Fortunately, everything changed the day of the event. Priscilla explained what she thought the moment she laid her eyes on her now-husband:

"[Jerry] was beautiful. We spoke for only a few moments at the luncheon, but he called me that very evening. The rest, as they say, is history."


While Priscilla never thought that she could actually meet the love of her life at that luncheon, it seems that she and Jerry were meant to be with each other, especially because he had been attending her father's church for seven years.

In 1999, only one year after meeting each other, the couple tied the knot. Since Priscilla's family is very religious, Jerry had to ask Priscilla's father, mega-church pastor Tony Evans, for his permission to date and eventually marry her.

During an interview with 100 Huntley Street, Jerry hilariously explained that Priscilla attended the luncheon for a motivational speech, but that she motivated him a "little bit more than the others."

He also admitted that parenting was hard, but that he had never laughed so hard or loved so much before. Jerry and Priscilla Shirer share three kids, Jackson, Jerry Jr., and Jude.

Jerry, who left his position as the director of International Operations for Hilton Hotels to work for Priscilla's dad in the ministry, explained that he made that choice after he realized that he was spending little-to-no time with his child.

Priscilla, on the other hand, spent ten years working at Zig Ziglar before she finally decided to pursue women's ministry full time.


Talking to Joy Magazine, Priscilla Shirer revealed that she has the same concerns that most working mothers have when it comes to balancing her personal and professional lives.

She explained, though, that she decided to trust God, and that He has been helping her to figure out the proper way everything is supposed to work.

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Apart from that, Priscilla confessed that she and her husband work from home every day, which gives them enough time to spend with their children before actually leaving home for conferences.

Jerry's mother is also very helpful with the kids as she is the one who takes care of them when Priscilla and her husband have to travel.


The actress and motivational speaker said that their work-related trips were one or two nights long. However, if they have to travel for more than two nights, they would take their three sons with them.

Earlier this year, Priscilla made headlines after undergoing lung surgery. Three years ago, doctors found a nodule on her left lung.

Due to "dangerous irregularities," they had to remove it. Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and the actress just needed time to recover.

Priscilla Shirer's family has gone through some challenging times lately. In a short period, Priscilla's grandfather (November 2019), mother (December 2019), and aunt (January 2020) passed away.

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