51-Year-Old Woman Carries Daughter’s Baby to Give Birth to Her Granddaughter

In an interesting mix of love and science, Julia Loving, a 51-year-old woman, is the surrogate mother for her 29-year-old daughter, Breanna Lockwood, who struggles with infertility.

A 51-year-old woman, Julia Loving, and her 29-year-old daughter, Breanna Lockwood, have raised eyebrows in an exciting story of childbirth and hope.

Loving asked to help her daughter, Lockwood, by becoming her surrogate for her first child. The 29-year-old is married to her husband, Aaron, and the pair had been trying to have a child for almost four years.

A photo of a newly pregnant surrogate. | Photo: Getty Images

A photo of a newly pregnant surrogate. | Photo: Getty Images

After several miscarriages and heartbreaks, the Lockwoods' doctors discovered that Breanna could not conceive because her uterus was not strong enough to withstand pregnancy even though her embryos were healthy. They were advised to consider surrogacy.

They were also advised to find a volunteer from their circle of friends or relatives due to the high price that surrogate agencies demanded. There was no better person to care for and love their child than the grandmother. The 29-year-old said:

"I feel like my mom is the closest place to home she can be rather than my own body. [She] wants to be a grandma just as much as I want to be a mom."

The baby would be the biological child of Aaron and Breanna, and Loving's only contribution would be her womb to carry the pregnancy on their behalf.

Baby Lockwood is a girl, and she is expected to arrive sometime in November. When she arrives, it would be the absolute truth if her parents told her that they had gone to the ends of the earth to bring her into the world. 

The Lockwoods are not the only ones with this kind of beautiful story.

Lockwood, who is a dental hygienist, was first averse to the idea of her own mother carrying her child and had never, even in a million years, imagined that it would happen. 

Alas, after several trials of in vitro fertilization, numerous surgeries, and no better options in sight, she decided to hold on to the hope that her 51-year-old mom offered. Lockwood admitted that struggling with infertility was one of the hardest things she had ever experienced. She said:

"...I felt like I couldn't see what I pictured anymore, that it could be taken away from me."

Before conclusions, they had to jump through many hoops before they got the medical go-ahead — five specialists, including the Lockwoods' fertility specialist, Brian Kaplan, a high-risk obstetrician, an OBGYN, a psychologist, and a primary care physician.

Loving was remarkably healthy for her age, and she looked just as good. She was even physically active, having 19 marathons and many triathlons under her belt. The process officially began on February 25, when they successfully performed the embryo transfer from Lockwood to Loving. 

Months later, the expecting mom took to Instagram to announce the pregnancy and revealed that her mother was carrying her child. She penned a lengthy captioned expressing how deeply grateful she was to have come this far.

The Lockwoods are not the only ones with this type of beautiful story. A Welsh woman named Tracey Smith was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, which meant that she was born without a womb. Her mother, Emma Miles, carried Smith's daughter to term and gave birth in 2019.

Smith's case was a success, and the Lockwoods and their enthusiastic surrogate mom are undoubtedly hoping for the same results. When the baby girl arrives, their joy would be unmeasurable. 

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