July 03, 2020

Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Opens up about Her Sexuality and How Her Dad Used to Tease Her (Video)

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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is opening up about her sexuality in her new Facebook Watch series, watch the video below now. 

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is opening up about her sexuality in a new video, and she jokes that her father used to tease her about it when she was younger. 

In the new Facebook Watch Series, "Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glen," she reveals that she identifies as gay, admitting that she never thought she would end up with a guy.




In the video, which also included her boyfriend Gabe, she said that she had dated more women than men; however, she did not consider herself bisexual as she had dated "more than just men and women."

However, she also revealed that Micheal Jackson had quickly caught on to the type of people she was attracted to adding

"I think he felt the energy and would tease me the same way he'd tease my brothers, like,'You got yourself a girlfriend!' if I was staring at a magazine of a woman too hard."



She added that she felt lucky to have that at a young age, particularly as the first family member she came out to did not believe her. 

Born to the famous Jackson family, Paris has two brothers, Prince Michael Jackson II and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Recently Paris opened up about the pressures of being the daughter of the late legend. 

He said that he had been lucky to have Michael Jackson as a father.

Pop Legend Michael Jackon in concert| Photo: Getty Images


Recently the singer's children opened up about their lives, with Prince sharing that he had been getting involved in giving back during the coronavirus pandemic, something instilled in him by his father. 

Speaking to ET, he said that he had been lucky to have Michael Jackson as a father, as he had a lot of unique experiences growing up. He said

"I would like to think that [my dad] would be proud, because I think this was one of his main goals - - not only to spread his message of positivity and happiness but to see it enacted in his kids."



After the documentary "Leaving Neverland" was released, Paris refused to watch the documentary and was reportedly left devastated by the allegations. 

She was also reportedly worried that the movie would affect her acting career. She believed that the renewed claims would mean that she would be left off casting lists. 


The Jackson estate filed a $75million lawsuit against HBO, who screened the documentary calling it "unvested propaganda."

Jackson, who died in 2009, denied all allegations of sexual abuse made by him until his death. Many members of his family also slammed the documentary, calling it one-sided.