Beth Moore Shares Two Daughters with Husband of over 40 Years — inside Her Personal Life

Beth Moore, best known as the founder of the Bible-based organization Living Proof Ministries, has been married to the same man, Keith Moore, for over four decades!

As described in the Living Proof Ministries website, Beth was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but spent most of her childhood in Arkansas, where her dad, a retired Army major, ran a local cinema.

[Keith and Beth's] marriage has not been "great."

Beth Moore | Photo: YouTube/Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore

Beth Moore | Photo: YouTube/Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore


She then earned a degree in political science from Southwest Texas State University and also received honorary doctorates from Howard Payne University and Gordon College.

Beth Moore has admitted that she sensed the call from God when she was only 18 years old. Initially, she didn't know what it meant or what to do with it.

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If we want our girls to know their Maker has clothed them in strength and dignity, we better be ready to reinforce that fact over and over. Because, make no mistake, this world screams incessantly and thunderously to the contrary. And, if you have older girls who have lived a bit more life on this treacherous planet, please understand that no regrettable decision they could ever make gets to strip them of what God gave them. Moms, big sisters, grandmothers, aunts and neighbors, they will often believe what they see mirrored in our eyes. Let’s let them see that, when we look at them, we behold marvelous humans divinely fashioned in the image of a God who clothes them in strength and dignity.

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Eventually, she started serving the Lord by speaking at various luncheons and retreats, and in 1994, she founded Living Proof Ministries. Her goal is to teach women about Jesus by studying the Bible.

If that wasn't enough, Beth is also a talented author. One year before the creation of Living Proof Ministries, she self-published "Things Pondered," her first book.

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I’ve struggled at times to imagine God often actually being proud of us. You know what I mean: in the same way we parents are often proud of our children. I felt like he knows too much. Knows what lurks inside our hearts and minds. Knows what is buried down in our motives and attitudes. Too aware of our greed, our lusts, our covetousness and cowardice. Seemed to me he sees so much selfishness and sinfulness that *proud of us* was not really a thing He often felt. Don’t misunderstand me. I am utterly confident of his immeasurable affection and our full acceptance in the Beloved. Of his gloriously good intentions toward us and the abundance of his mercy and grace. I think he thinks we’re so many wonderful things because of Christ. But I’m talking about an “I’m so proud of you, Child” kind of thing. When I say that to my daughters or my grandchildren, I can see in their eyes what it means to them. It’s no small thing to know your parent is proud of you. But God toward us? I couldn’t picture it much. But since studying the vinedresser, the vine and branches, I’ve come to change my mind a bit on that. I was devastated when, after my vines first began flourishing and gave me such joy, I went to check on them one morning and the deer (which I love, btw) had eaten off most of the leaves & nibbled the branches, some to nubs. I’m so new to the hands-on experience, I didn’t know to prepare. I thought I was supposed to be looking for all the little foxes. Not the deer. :) Keith can only stand me being sad about 3 days. Before long he and Farmer strung a solar-powered wire around my 15 vines to protect them. (Safe for deer. Just unpleasant. Tested it myself.) I’ve been nursing my ailing branches back ever since. And, dang it, I AM SO PROUD OF THEM. I think that, after we’ve been eaten alive and we’re in worse shape than when we started and yet take a deep breath and cooperate with our Vinedresser to take another shot at growing again, maybe - just maybe - he smiles wide and somewhere beyond our natural hearing, whispers, “I’m really proud of you.”

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In 1995, her first Bible study, "A Woman's Heart," hit the shelves. At the moment, it has been translated into more than 20 languages, which probably gave her the courage to keep writing books and Bible studies.

While Beth Moore's books and ministry work have been quite successful, her life has not always been a walk in the park. In fact, she has been candid about her experience dealing with childhood sexual abuse within her household.

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Cactus Girl. A little flowery. And a good bit prickly.

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Back in 2017, she wrote a blog for the Living Proof Ministries website in which she wanted to educate people to say no, as well as to encourage parents to teach their children to say no.

In the text, Beth pointed out that "no" was one of the most vital words of the whole vocabulary, claiming that people could say it even when they feel pressured or overpowered.

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BFFs sharing secrets just before sunset.

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Earlier this year, during an episode of "Ainsley's Bible Study," Beth shared more details on the incident. She told the co-host Ainsley Earhardt and the rest of the Bible group that her family was "very broken" and extremely unstable.  

She added that, although she received love from them, there was a person who abused her.

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On this international women’s day, I am reminded that so much of our strength is in our joy. It is in our unwillingness to let this world make us bitter. It’s in knowing that darkness is our real enemy and not flesh and blood. It is in knowing that nothing on earth packs a stronger punch than loving our enemies. I’m thankful for a list of women so long, I can’t get to the end of it in my mind, let alone in this post. I’m thankful for my maternal grandmother from whom I inherited no small measure of iron in my blood. I’m thankful for my quirky mother who was the queen of everything to my siblings and me. She will have always been the best writer in the family. Her writing took her no further than a few letters to her children but they were masterpieces. I am thankful for my two big sisters, Sandra and Gay, and my sister in law, Lisa, who would fight to the death for me. I am thankful, more thankful than I have vocabulary to express, for 2 daughters who are the apple of their mother’s eye and the chambers of my heart. I am thankful for my two granddaughters, our little women, who never leave my mind. I think about them every day and what a responsibility we older sisters have to their generation. How important it is that they see women clothed in the strength and dignity that Christ has given us. I am thankful for my coworkers who I greatly admire in the faith. I am thankful for fellow servants, my compadres in Christ, who just keep doing the thing God has called them to do and with such giftedness and grace. I am thankful for the women of all ages who walk through our doors at living proof and into our events and classes and into the churches where we get to serve. We don’t take any of you for granted. I am thankful for our spiritual mothers who fought the good fight of faith and loved God with all their hearts, minds and souls, leaving examples for us to follow. I am thankful for so many women who have overcome so much and all because they placed their trust in Christ. And I am so thankful for all of you. Instagram is a gracious place and goodness knows that’s not wasted on me. Lastly, I simply thank God for the privilege of being a girl. I love it.

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Beth emphasized that she would not identify them in public, but that knowing that the person who was supposed to be her protector was actually the perpetrator negatively impacted her life.

She also confessed that, from the outside, nobody could have noticed that she was about to implode and that it wasn't until she turned 40 that she could free her mind from the influence of her victimization.


Going through such a difficult situation must have been challenging for her. Fortunately, she has fought her demons and is an outspoken advocate for sexual abuse survivors nowadays.

Apart from that, she has been married to the same man, Keith Moore, for over 40 years. As she wrote in the ministries' website, the couple tied the knot on December 30, 1978, in front of about 200 people.

One of the most interesting things that she revealed was that she was engaged to a different man when she met Keith. Her now-husband, on the other hand, was in a loving relationship and soon to get engaged, too.

Beth Moore and her husband decided to give up on their respective relationships (despite the fact that both of them had been long and stable) and start their own love story. She confessed, though, that their marriage has not been "great."

According to Beth, their first daughter, Amanda, served as the glue that God used to keep her and Keith together for their early years of marriage. Then, their second daughter, Melissa, was born.

Beth admitted that even with both of their daughters in their lives, they wouldn't have been able to make it this far if they hadn't chosen to love each other over and over again.

Amanda and Melissa are, just like their mother, servants of the Lord. In Amanda's case, she is married to Curtis Jones, a pastor of a church in Houston, Texas.

Melissa, on the other hand, is a research assistant at Living Proof Ministries. At the moment, Beth Moore is focused on her ministry job while also helping raise her three grandchildren!

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