Daily Joke: Two Rich Men Talk over Coffee at the Club

Manuela Cardiga
Jul 07, 2020
01:00 A.M.
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Two rich and powerful men learn some interesting facts about the people who work for them in today's joke.


In today's joke, two friends, both rich and powerful entrepreneurs frequently met for coffee at their exclusive members-only Gentleman's Club. One day they started griping over their problems with the help over their expressos and croissants.

Neither men had very high opinions about "the help," and started exchanging stories about some of the incredibly dumb antics their chauffeurs pulled off.

Unbeknownst to the two millionaires, later the same day their employees ran into each other and struck up a conversation



Quickly, the conversation evolved into a competition, with each of the men trying to prove that his driver was dumber than his friend's. The first man said: "Listen, I can prove that my driver is really stupid. He's got to be the stupidest man I ever met!"

"That," replied his friend, "Is because you've never met MY driver!"

"Oh yes? Just wait..." The first millionaire summoned his driver, who promptly presented himself.


“Charles," he said, "Take these $10, go to the car showroom and buy me a new Mercedes.”

The man took the money and cried eagerly: “Yes Sir! Right away!”

With no hesitation, he ran off with the $10 in hand. The first millionaire said smugly to his friend: “There! You see? I told you he was stupid.”



The second millionaire laughed scornfully, "You call that stupid? He makes my driver look like Einstein! you want to see stupid, I will show you stupid.”

The second millionaire called his driver over, and calmly told him: “Stanley, I want you to go to the townhouse, and check if I''m home.”

His driver replied without hesitation: “Yes Sir! Right away, Sir.” 



As the two millionaires watched Stanley run off to fulfill his nonsensical errand, the second man said: “See what I told you? He doesn’t even have enough brains to know that I cannot be at home if I am here.”

His friend had to agree that Stanley really was dumber than Charles, even if only by a narrow margin.



But unbeknownst to the two millionaires, later the same day their employees ran into each other and struck up a conversation that mirrored their bosses'.

Said Charles: “My boss is so stupid. He gave me $10 and asked me to go to the car showroom and buy him a Mercedes. Doesn’t he know that today is Sunday? The showroom is closed!”


Stanley just started laughing and replied:

"You think that's stupid? My boss is the stupidest man on earth! He asked me to go home to check if he is there. How dumb is that? He’s got a phone, right, he could just call himself and check!”

Which just goes to show, smart or stupid is just a matter of perspective...And that's no joke!