July 05, 2020

Gladys Knight's Husband William McDowell Posts Throwback Photo with His Mom Revealing How Much He Misses Her

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Glady's Knight's husband, Wiliam McDowell, has shared an emotional post, writing that he misses his mother. 

William McDowell has paid an emotional tribute to his mother, after sharing a touching picture of them, writing that he missed her. 

McDowell has been married to legendary singer Gladys Knight since 2001 and is her fourth husband. Together they have 17 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. 


Dubbed the "Empress of Soul," Knight recently celebrated her 76th birthday. Speaking about her marriage to McDowell, Knight who grew up in Atlanta, said that her husband had turned her into a country girl. 

The couple even bought Reynolds High School, once the only African American high-school in Asheville, Western Northern Carolina. Knight and McDowell held a fundraiser in order to renovate it so that it could be returned to the community. For McDowell who grew up nearby, it was a special moment, he said

"We are on sacred ground. This particular building, this particular area was the backbone of this community long before I came long. That's what I want back, we should have no negative feelings about this place because this is us."


Gladys Knight, "The Queen of Hearts" performs at the Universal Amphitheate| Photo: Getty Images


Knight has been married four times, the first time to James Newman when she was 16. While the couple had two children, Newman suffered from drug addiction and abandoned his family after four years. 


In 1974, she married Barrie Hankerson; however, they divorced in 1979 after having a son. She was then married to Les Brown from 1995 to 1997. 

Most viewers had guessed that it was her behind the costume.



Last year it was discovered that Glady Knight had been one of the three final contestants on the hit show "The Masked Singer."

While she came in third place, most viewers had guessed that it was her behind the costume, primarily due to her distinctive voice. After the reveal, Knight said

"I really enjoyed being the bee. It's been an awesome experience."



Last year, Kelly Rowland played Knight in the BET series "American Soul." The show told the story of Don Cornelius and "Soul Train."

At one point, the singer's son Shanga Hankerson had opened a chain of chicken and waffle restaurants under his mother's name. 


However, two of the locations were raided by police, and it was reported that Hankerson had been involved in unpaid taxes. 

After a year, Knight ordered her son to remove her name from the "Gladys Knight & Ron Winans' Chicken & Waffles" and severed ties with the restaurant.