July 14, 2020

Daily Joke: A Man Was Caught Embezzling Millions from His Boss

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A man was caught embezzling millions of dollars from his boss, and he sought a way out from his legal advisor, who did give him an assurance that he would not be imprisoned.

A worker who had been participating in some fraudulent actions in his workplace was finally apprehended, but he did not go down without a fight. So he began to search for a suitable lawyer.

A boss talking to an employee in the office. | Photo: Shutterstock.


After running around town in search of a credible attorney to help his current state, a man who has been accused of theft finally met one of the best lawyers in town.

Both men decided to set a meeting. They sat down to converse on the law-suit. The accused admitted to his crimes and pleaded with the lawyer to help him.

Customer signing paperwork with bank manager | Photo: Getty Images


He mentioned that he does not want to be convicted. His lawyer assured his client to remain calm, as he would never watch him go to jail with all that money.

At the end of the case, the lawyer lost the case, but he was surely right, his client did not enter jail with a dime!

An angry mean boss yelling at an employee. | Photo: Shutterstock.


Sometimes professionals such as lawyers, doctors, or even bankers have one of the best responses to their clients or customers, which, of course, makes a good joke.

Here's an interesting story about a man and a bank manager. After several years of banking with a particular bank branch, a customer decided to speak with the branch manager on an important issue.

Cheerful businesswoman meets with client | Photo: Getty Images


The man needed some advice from a reliable source, so he spoke to the bank official about his plans to start a small business. The man asked: "I'd like to start a small business. How do I go about it?"

The banker looked at his customer for a brief period before muttering his reply. He said, "That's simple. All you have to do is buy a big one and wait." Like the lawyer, the advisor was undoubtedly correct too!

A man being interviewed for a job | Photo: Shutterstock

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Source: Startsat60