Man Gives His Wife an Ultimatum about Getting a Dog

Getting a dog is a huge problem for a man and his wife so much that he considers ending their marriage because of it. 

A Reddit user is pained that his wife does not want him to get a dog and has given her an ultimatum to that effect. The man took to the social media platform to narrate his story. 

A picture of a Puppy. | Photo: Flickr

A picture of a Puppy. | Photo: Flickr

According to the man, he owned a dog before getting married to his wife. He loved the dog so much because she was more than a friend to him. However, the same could not be said about his wife. 

She started becoming increasingly paranoid about the dog, especially after she became pregnant, saying the pet would pose danger to their baby after birth. 

The man explained that the dog was an aggressive breed, but was trained, hence there was nothing to be worried about. His wife also suggested that they should rehome the dog, which he refused to accept. 

One day, the man received a phone call from his wife while he was at work. She was crying and told him that the dog ran away from home and that she could not chase after it. 

That news was heartbreaking for the man, but he had to accept and live with it, given that his wife was about to put to bed and other pressing matters they had to deal with at that time. 

She complained that doing so would be too much for her, but he was not backing down on his ultimatum

Five years have passed since the dog supposedly ran away. The couple is now parents to three children. The man still craved for a new dog, though his kids always took a lot of his time and energy. 

His wife always found an excuse to dissuade him from getting a dog whenever he brought the subject up for discussion. The man, however, found out that his old dog never ran away, but that his wife and her father took the pet to a dog pound while he was at work. 

This discovery made him furious because he would never have agreed to that. He was hurt to the extent that he considered separating from his wife if not for their children. 

The man told his wife that the only way for her to make it up a little to him was by getting a dog. She complained that doing so would be too much for her, but he was not backing down on his ultimatum. 

Reddit users who read the man's story shared their views on it. The majority of them sided with him on the matter, saying that his wife hurt him so much by taking away something he loved so much from him. 

One user said that the man's wife's actions were not evident of true love, while another user advised him to seek a divorce. However, one person said that his wife, being a parent, had a right to let go of the dog. 

This is because she sensed the dog's presence posed a danger to her kids, which was understandable if one saw it from her view. 

However, the person questioned the manner in which she did it, labeling her as being manipulative and insensitive to her husband's feelings. 

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