July 17, 2020

Daily Joke: A Businessman Came Home Exhausted

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A businessman comes home exhausted and tired from the activities in the office. His concerned wife tries to find out the reason and it turned out to be quite hilarious.

A businessman had left the house early in the morning with hopes of having a fulfilling day at the office. However, things did not go as planned, and after the close of business, he headed home, exhausted, and tired from the activities in the office.

Man holds his head in his hand | Photo: Shutterstock


On getting home, he staggered to the nearest chair and dropped on it. His wife noticed how tired he looked and was concerned about his well being.

She exclaimed that her husband must have had a long day as he looked extremely tired, and he rarely ever looked this exhausted.

A photo of a sleeping drunk man with a bottle and glass of whiskey on table. | Photo: Shutterstock


She offered him a tall glass of drink and asked what happened at the office to cause this amount of exhaustion. After downing the drink, the businessman turned to his wife and said: "It was terrible! the computer broke down, and all of us had to do our own thinking."

Here is a joke about another man who relied so much on the help of the internet. A husband and his wife always had a brawl because he always forgot her birthday and their wedding anniversary.

A man and his wife in a warm embrace | Photo: Pixabay


Thinking of how best to deal with the situation, he thought up a plan that was going to help him get back into the good books with his wife.

He signed up on a florist website and set up his account such that his wife received flowers on the appropriate dates. He instructed the florist shop to send flowers on the specified dates with a sweet note signed "Your Loving Husband."

A woman holding a bouquet of flowers. | Photo: Shutterstock


This plan seemed to set things in order, and the wife was thrilled that her husband had turned a new leaf and was paying more attention.

However, things took a funny downward dive when the wife came home with flowers one day, and the husband said the unexpected.

Couple looking at each other's face and smiling. | Photo: Freepik

The woman entered the house with the bouquet, and the husband kissed her before offhandedly saying: ”Nice flowers, honey. Where did you get them?”

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