July 18, 2020

Check Out Beyoncé's Stepdad Richard Lawson's Fantastic Weight Loss Transformation Amid Quarantine

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Beyonce's stepdad, Richard Lawson, showed off his weight loss achievement on social media, and fans could not help being inspired.

Richard Lawson showed off his incredible weight loss journey in a refreshing Instagram post. He shared a picture collage that he labeled with dates. 

Richard Lawson at WACO Theater's 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala on March 17, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


The first frame was a photo of Richard flaunting his trim post-quarantine body in a black t-shirt. The date embedded indicated that it was June 15th.

Tina Lawson had a beautiful love story to tell when she talked about her love life with Richard.


The second photo showed his pre-weight loss body in March when he just started his workout routine. In his caption, Richard shared how he decided on his body transformation. Part of his caption read:

"On March 4th, I weighed 270lbs. I didn't realize that I was as big as I was. I always found some way to justify it until I saw a friend of mine lose 50lbs and looked 30 years younger…"


Richard continued as he wrote about his decision to live up to "a truth" that he didn't realize he was "avoiding." Richard, 63, let fans know that he "put in work" and the result was glaring after some months.

The Hollywood veteran went on as he shared that he dropped from 270lbs to 218lbs. However, he isn't stopping there as he noted that he still had more weight loss goals to attain. Many followers were inspired by Richard's post, and they made sure to share their lovely thoughts.


People reports that Richard once shared some information about the 2018 tour of his stepdaughter and her star spouse, Jay-Z. Richard made it known that Beyoncé and Jay-Z planned to perform by showing off the vulnerable side to their marriage and how they have been able to strengthen it.

Essence shares that Tina Lawson had a beautiful love story to tell when she talked about her love life with Richard. Tina, who is Beyonce's mom, made it known that it wasn't love at first sight because she was wary of Richard who got a lot of female attention. The two, however, became good friends and their romance began afterward.

According to IMDB, Richard is a seasoned Hollywood star whose career started in the '70s. He is known for moves like "Poltergeist," "For Colored Girls," and "Hotel Story," among others. He was previously married to Denise Gordy.