Man Laughs in Ex's Face When She Said It's His Fault She'll Never Have Kids

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 21, 2020
09:40 P.M.
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A Reddit user took to the platform to narrate his story of how he laughed at his ex-wife's face after she accused him of being at fault for her childlessness. 


A man on Reddit requested the opinion of the social network's users on an incident between him and his ex-wife after she said it was his fault that she had no kids. 

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According to the man, he never wanted kids, a point he made clear to every woman he ever dated, including his ex-wife. When they got married, she understood that it was his wish not to bear children.

The man believed that she was okay with his stance. However, three years into their marriage, she mentioned that they should adopt a child, but he quickly shut down the notion. 


The man noted that children deserve parents that want them, and being that he did not want kids, it would be unwise to adopt one. His wife did not mention the matter further. 

She divorced the man two years ago, which did not come as a surprise to him because, aside from their differences on children, they also had other issues in their union. 

The man further revealed that he and his ex-wife got married in their 40s, meaning that they were in their 50s at the time of their divorce. He moved out and did not see her for a while.  


One recent night, he visited his favorite restaurant, which had an outdoor dining. While eating, his ex-wife approached him and began a conversation with him. 

The woman told the man that she was angry at him, startling him in the process. When he asked her why, she told him that he stole the best years of her life and that because of him, she would never have kids. 


Hearing these words, the man laughed hard at his ex-wife's face. He told her that she knew about his stance on kids from the onset, adding that if she felt guilty about not having children, it was her fault and not his. 

His words made his ex-wife even angrier, forcing her to leave the restaurant. The man felt his ex-wife was being ridiculous and narrated the incident to his brother, who told him he should have handled it better. 


Most Reddit users that reacted to the story agreed with the man that his ex-wife was ridiculous by accusing him of being responsible for her childlessness. 

One user said it would have been hard not to laugh given the situation of things, while another person said that the woman was wrong for blaming the man even after he was truthful to her from the very beginning. 

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