Woman Refuses to Change Daughter's Birthday That Falls on Anniversary of a Traumatic Day

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Jul 27, 2020
12:20 A.M.
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A woman was pressured by her mother to change the date of her newborn's actual birth. Her mother did not like it that her granddaughter's birthday fell on the same day a traumatic accident happened.


She took to Reddit to ask for advice on how to deal with the situation. Four years ago, her aunt - her mother’s sister - was involved in a freak accident. She survived after multiple surgeries.

The woman said her aunt feels chronic body pains until now. Her aunt was worried about losing a job because of her condition.

A car accident that traumatized her aunt. | Photo: Pexels.com


The woman shared on Reddit that she gave birth last July 7. Her daughter was her parents' first grand-daughter. She said

“So my daughter’s birthday is the anniversary of my aunt’s life-changing accident.”

While her aunt’s accident was unfortunate, the woman said there is nothing that she could do to change the situation. She added that newborns are clueless about day-to-day events like the tragic accident that happened to her aunt.

A mother gently touches the baby's feet. | Photo: Pexels.com


What made the woman upset was that her mother insisted on changing her baby’s birth date in the birth certificate. She told Reddit users that her mother wanted her daughter’s birth date changed to July 8 in the document.

For her mother, remembering opposite events in one day is too much. The woman and her partner refused and indicated the actual birth date of their daughter in the certificate.

Besides, changing her baby’s birth date would be illegal, the woman said. More importantly, she does not want to lie to her daughter.

A couple cradling their baby. | Photo: Pexels.com


As soon as her mother learned that she kept her daughter’s birth date, she expressed utter disappointment. The woman shared that her mother is still bitter about it.

The woman knows that her mother loves her granddaughter deeply but would remain uncomfortable about the child's birthday. Her mother would also feel ashamed that she cannot be happy during her granddaughter's birthday. The woman said

“This situation is just so unusual, I have no idea what the proper actions would be. I feel bad that my mom is uncomfortable with my daughter’s birthday, but that’s the day she was born and in my opinion, we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.”


A woman feeling confused about the situation. | Photo: Pexels.com

Many Reddit users agreed that the mother was not prepared to move on from the tragic event involving her sister. One Reddit user wrote that she wanted to “wallow and be dramatic.”


Another one noted that keeping the birthdate of her daughter is just right and that the woman's mother was making a big issue over something she had no control.

Yet another Reddit user said that the baby’s birthday might be an effective step for her mother towards healing.

Mother bonds with her daughter. | Photo: Pexels.com


Birthdays are milestones that call for celebration. However, for this man, birthdays are also a source of family issues. He suspected that his wife has neglected their son and her attention is only focused on their daughter. 

She would give expensive birthday gifts to their daughter but would not do the same for their other son. He finally confronted his wife about her unfair treatment to their children. Read the full story here.