July 25, 2020

Man Refuses to Help His Wife Clean up 'Her' Mess

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A man sparked up an interesting conversation online after he disclosed the details of a prank that his wife played on him.

Reddit users recently had a field day when a user took to its AITA forum to narrate his experience when his wife tried to prank him. According to the man, his wife strategically positioned a bucket of paint that was supposed to hit him once he opened the door.

A frustrated man holding his hair while on his laptop. | Photo: Pexels.


Unfortunately, the woman’s plan didn’t go as she expected as the paint landed mostly on the floor and the bed and messed up his clothes and just a little bit.

Perplexed by his wife’s failed prank, the man went to take a shower. Soon after he was done, his wife expressed some remorse over her actions and asked him to help her clean up the mess.

A can of paint with a brush. | Photo: Unsplash


At this point, he made it clear that he wouldn’t assist her in doing that particular chore and instead went into the room to play a game on his computer.  Throughout the time that she spent mopping up the mess, the man didn’t pay any attention to his wife.

Unfortunately, the lack of attention annoyed her to the point where the man could tell that she was upset when she entered the room later in the night. 

An angry woman in a grey vest with her hands up. | Photo: Pexels.


The couple eventually got to talk about the situation, and the woman willingly shared her grievances with the man. The woman said that it was unfair for the man to abandon the cleaning for her, especially after she had apologized for her misdeeds.

While stating that his wife continued to be pissed at him the next day, the man asked if he was wrong for not cleaning up the paint from her “stupid messy prank.”


It didn’t take long for Reddit users to drop their opinion on the man’s piece with one person stating that the man did nothing wrong because “good pranks should be mutually enjoyable and involve as little clean up as possible.” Another user urged:

"She's not a kid who needs a lesson. She’s your wife and she tried to have a fun, memorable moment with you. Poorly conceived and a bad prank, totally. But you had two choices."

Other commenters wanted to know if it was common practice for the man and his wife to play pranks on each other. What do you think of the story? Would you help if you were the man?