July 26, 2020

Gabrielle Union's Daughter Kaavia James Watches Live Broadcast of 'Verzuz' with Snoop Dogg and DMZ

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Gabrielle Union has shared a sweet video of her daughter Kaavia James watching a live broadcast of "Verzuz" with Snoop Dogg and DMX, and she did not look pleased to be disturbed. 

Gabrielle Union's daughter has always been a fan favorite for her no-nonsense attitude and hilarious serious face, and the latest video shared by her mother is no different. 

The photo shared on the toddler's Instagram page shows her watching Snoop Dogg and DMX going head to head on "Verzuz," and she was not happy to be interrupted, pushing the camera out of her face. 



In the clip, you can hear her mother in the background asking if she was watching the live stream and after answering her mother, she quickly decides that she has had enough of the camera. 

Fans loved the adorable clip and Union, who jokingly calls her daughter "#ShadyBaby," captioned the video, 

"I told Shirley I was on lockdown & couldn't make our playdate and here my mama go blowing up my spot."



Recently, Union, who is married to Dwyane Wade was teaching her daughters Kaavia and Zaya how to love their natural hair.

Wade has three other children from previous relationships, daughter Zaya and sons Xavier and Zaire. While Zaya was born male, she recently came out as transgender. 

These days she has embraced her natural curls and is relaunching her hairline in August



Union opened up about her own struggles with her hair in school, revealing that as the only Black girl in class, all she wanted was to fit in. 

These days she has embraced her natural curls and is relaunching her hairline in August, in the hope that her children will never feel the way she did. She said:

"Your hair is a part of you and it's an extension of you, but it has to start with self-love and pride in your Blackness and Afrocentric features, whether that be your hair, your nose, your lips, or your body."



Dwyane Wade, Zaya Wade and Gabrielle Union attend the Better Brothers Los Angeles' 6th annual Truth Awards | Photo: Getty Images


She added that she and her husband were constantly reaffirming their children and instilling pride in them so that they could love their features. 


In a video shared by Union, she showed the family in the pool and while Kaavia stole hearts in her floaters, Zaya's stunning blue hair definitely stood out. 



As for her youngest daughter, it does not seem like she is lacking any confidence in herself, particularly in a video showing her taking on the viral "Patience Snack TikTok" challenge. 

The challenge started by Kylie Jenner asks children to hold off from having a treat, leaving them alone to see if they would resist the temptation, a test that Kaavia adorably failed.