August 04, 2020

Daily Joke: A Wealthy Woman Was Hosting a Garden Party

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A wealthy woman was hosting a garden party when one of her guests noticed two gardeners engage in a funny garden practice.

A wealthy woman was hosting a garden party and invited several high brow guests to come and enjoy the grace and lavish of her garden.

As the party went on, two gardeners were on the other side of the garden working and clearing the lawn when a guest of the wealthy woman noticed something funny.

An image of a garden party setting | Photo: Pixabay


The guest was engrossed with watching the gardeners, and it got to a point when one of the gardeners began weeding, and after a while, the other gardener jumped up and swirled beautifully. Mesmerized with the gardener's grace and poise, the guest looked for the host and remarked to her,

"That man is such a talented dancer, that I would pay him a hundred dollars to demonstrate his dancing before my aerobics class!"

A woman dancing in the garden | Photo: Pixabay


Happy to oblige her guest, the wealthy woman asked the first gardener if it was possible for the other gardener to take up the offer and make an arrangement.

Excited to make some extra money, the first gardener called to the other gardener saying, "Hey Fred! Do you think for a hundred dollars you could step on that rake again?"

An image of a garden | Photo: Pixabay


Here is another joke about funny impressions and making assumptions. A woman was making dinner, and her kids were seated around the table when the phone rang.

The youngest child picked up the phone and started talking to the caller, assuming it was her daddy. After she spoke, she passed the phone to her older sister and brother.


The two of them proceeded to tell their "daddy" about their day, as was the custom whenever he was not at home. When they finished talking, they passed the phone to their mother. Excited to talk to her husband, the woman said into the receiver, "Hello, Honey."

The voice on the other end, was finally happy to get through to an adult and said to the woman, "I just called to tell you that the wallpaper you ordered is here!"

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Source: Startsat60