August 09, 2020

Three Hilarious Jokes about Playing Chess and Other Games

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A man was astonished to find something unbelievably hilarious about his friend and his pet dog when he found them playing chess together.

A man decided to step out of his house for a bit and visit a friend. When he got to his friend’s house, he was beyond surprised to find his friend playing chess with his dog.

Photo of chess pieces on a chess board | Photo: Pexels


He watched with utter wonder and surprise for a little while. Then, he finally spoke. He excitedly said that he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

A dog playing chess! That had to be the smartest dog in the world! His friend smiled and then replied: "Well, he’s not so smart. I have beaten him three games out of five now."

Hand holding a chess piece | Photo: Pexels


Here is the second joke about games and an unexpected ending. A young boy strolled into a barbers shop one day. The barber coyly whispered to his customer, telling him that the kid was the dumbest in the world. 

He was going to prove it to his customer. He brought out a dollar coin and a five-dollar note from his pocket, placing each in one hand. 

Photo of a boy holding his toy. | Photo: Pexels


Then, he asked the kid which one he wanted. The kid surprisingly went for the dollar coin, and when he left, the barber and his customer burst into laughter.

When the customer was done with his haircut and stepped out of the barber’s shop, he saw the same young boy walking out of the ice cream parlor.

Photo of a young boy with cotton candy and prize tickets at fair | Photo: Getty Images


He decided to ask the kid why he always went for the dollar coin instead of the five-dollar note. The kid took a lick of his frozen treat and answered: "Because the day I pick the five-dollar note is the day the game is over!"

Here is the third joke about playing games. A teacher was playing a game with little Johnny and decided to quiz him on his numbers. The boy said that his father had taught him, and he knew his numbers.

Little boy holding his toy | Photo: Pexels


The teacher started by asking him what number came after three. Johnny answered four. The teacher asked what came after six, Johnny said seven. 

The teacher was impressed and praised little Johnny’s dad for doing a good job. Then he asked what came after ten. Johnny replied: "Jack."

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Source: Startsat60