Jennifer Hudson Pays Tribute to the Late John Lewis –– Inside Her Powerful Performance

Weeks after the passing of legendary civil rights activist and United States Congressman, John Lewis, singer Jennifer Hudson pays a powerful musical tribute to the deceased icon at the virtual CBS Primetime special done in his honor.

On July 17, United States Congressman and legendary civil rights activist John Lewis passed away at the age of 80. The civil rights icon and politician had been battling cancer for months before he finally gave up the fight and passed on into glory.

Amid the racial upheaval ravaging the country, Lewis's death was a strong blow to the nation. The death of the civil rights icon brought on a slew of touching and respectful tributes from the many who knew his work and importance in American history.

Congressman John Lewis on hand to accept his award from the Nashville Public Library on November 19, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

Congressman John Lewis on hand to accept his award from the Nashville Public Library on November 19, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

CBS celebrated the luminary with a special television feature, "John Lewis: Celebrating A Hero." The program aired on August 4 at 10 pm EDT. The program was hosted by media moguls Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, as well as television personality Gayle King and popular actor Brad Pitt. 

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson performed a captivating and soul-touching rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's 70s hit song "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Inviting her fans and followers to join in the celebration of Lewis's life, Hudson wrote on her Instagram,

"Honoring and celebrating a Hero "John Lewis "Join me this evening on @cbsallaccess."

The singer shared a stunning shot of her in a gorgeous mint green dress as she got lost in the music while she sang her heart out. 

The official Instagram account of CBS All Access shared a post of the same photo of the 38-year-old actress and a clip of her performance, praising her for her enthralling rendition and inviting their followers to join them in honoring the late congressman.

"John Lewis: Celebrating A Hero" gave viewers an in-depth journey into Lewis's incredible life as a vital part of the civil rights movement

The actress and singer was one of the many to take to their social media to publicly mourn the great American hero's death. The Chicago performance she did in her elegant green gown was only another way through which she paid tribute to the late Lewis.

Following Lewis' death on July 17, Hudson made sure to pen a touching message in honor of the deceased civil rights activist. She posted a sweet picture of herself with Lewis and wrote,

"Servant well done' I can hear God saying that to you now! We thank u and will always remember you and celebrate you for your work."

Hudson's musical tribute to Lewis was accompanied by featuring appearances from rapper Common, singer John Legend, comedian and TV show host Trevor Noah, and many more stars.

The special program gave viewers an in-depth journey into Lewis' incredible life as a vital part of the civil rights movement, his work, and the noble principles by which he lived - wisdom, power, faith, courage, and inspiration. 

Winfrey described the man as extraordinary, a great visionary, and a man who lived a life purposefully towards making sure that the nation lived out its ideals.

King admired his unwavering commitment to the cause, praising his immeasurable sacrifices and adding that he deserved to be remembered in the "pantheon of patriots" forever. 

The CBS Primetime special in honor of the late activist was well-deserved. Just like Hudson, many other people who respected and honored Lewis would continue to carry the pride and acknowledgment of his good work. 

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