'Trolls' Doll Pulled from Store Shelves after Parents Expressed Concern – Here's Why

The Hasbro company recently introduced Trolls Doll into the market. However, parents have expressed their concern over the inappropriate button on the doll.

The Dream Works production first introduced the "Trolls" animation in 2016. They later came up with part two of the production, this year, titled "Trolls World Tour."

A Hasbro's Trolls World Tour Doll. | Photo: Flickr

A Hasbro's Trolls World Tour Doll. | Photo: Flickr

Like the first, it centered on Princess Poppy's bravery, but the animation explored a wider group of trolls to involve five other Troll villages. Now, Princess Poppy has been created as a doll for kids around the world. 

This is so that they can have a first-hand association with a vibrant and optimistic character from their favorite animation.

While this should be joyful news, reports have it that parents are not in support of having the doll in the market owing to its structural makeup.

The Troll doll is designed in such a way that a giggling sound is expressed when the button under her skirt is touched.

Many parents have gone online to express their concerns to the company and ask that it should be taken down from the market. One person wrote:

"Is @Hasbro normalizing grooming & facilitating child abuse?"

Under the change.org website, those that have signed the petition to bring down the toy are about 300,000.

Jessica McManis began the petition. She expressed that the button merely promotes pedophilia behavior in the minds of young kids.

She explained that the toy was designed to express a reaction when placed in a sitting position.

McManis continued by urging parents not to stand for damaging their kids' mental and physical health. With the petition, she hoped to bring a change by being the voice. She said:

"...What will this toy make our innocent, impressionable children think? That it's fun when someone touches your private area?... it's not okay…"

Shortly after the petition began, the company made its decision to pull the toy from stores like Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

Reportedly, a representative of the toy company, Julie Duffy, confirmed the news via mail. She explained that the toy was designed to express a reaction when placed in a sitting position. 

Duffy also commended the feedback from customers and promised that the Hasbro team would introduce another Troll doll, while they work towards getting the former off the shelves. The team is yet to make further comments on the matter at hand.

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