August 11, 2020

Naya Rivera's 'Glee' Co-star Heather Morris Remembers Her Late Friend in a Touching Video

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Actress Naya Rivera may be gone but not forgotten. Her co-star on "Glee," Heather Morris, opened up about her hurt over the loss in a touching post.

Morris and Rivera played on-screen buddies. The women starred side by side on the TV series "Glee," for several seasons.

Through its seasons and episodes, their bond became stronger and tighter. The pair's relationship on the screens afforded some of their fans the ability of self-discovery.

The late Naya Rivera at the "Raising The Bar To End Parkinson's" event at Laurel Point on July 27, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


Their story centered on bringing pride to those associated with the LGBTQ community. The friendship between both women extended to their lives off-screen.

A few hours ago, Morris reached out to her fans while speaking of how she is dealing with the absence of her friend, who passed away in July. She began by explaining the uniqueness of their on-screen bond. She added:

"Most of you felt like it was an inspiration to become your best self...I just knew how important our relationship was to you all."


The "Glee" star further talked about how she has been handling the heartbreaking news of her friend's death. While she became emotional at some point, she wanted her fans to know that people handle grief differently. For her, finding a medium to connect to her friend is a way of grieving.

Morris explained that she writes letters to communicate with Rivera. She also tried to console fans of the TV series. According to her, the post was intended to help the fans find the closure they need.

Before the news of her friend's death, she constantly reminded the public to pray and be on the lookout.


Before the uploaded clip, the actress went online to thank her Instagram followers for their continued support. Since the tragic demise of her friend, Morris has been updating her fans.

She even gained about a million new followers, as people looked through her page to find out more about the deceased.


Sadly, in July, the former "Glee" star was found dead at Lake Piru. She took a trip to the lake with her 4-year-old son, Josey Dorsey.

Three hours after Rivera and her son left, the rental staff found Josey alone on the boat, armored in an adult life jacket. 

Sources have it that the 4-year-old stated that he and his mum swam in the water a few hours ago. While he reached the boat, his mom was nowhere to be found.


Morris, alongside the police, had their hands on deck in trying to find the missing actress. The 33-year-old posted messages online to try to connect with the authorities. She maintained that she would like to be involved in the search.

A few days after she was presumed dead by law enforcement officials, Rivera's body was found. Autopsy reports suggested that the actress had drowned by accident.


After the heartbreaking news, the ex-husband of the deceased, Ryan Dorsey, went online to express his hurt and sadness over the loss of his child's mother.

Morris has not only maintained consistency in sharing some of her moments with the deceased, online, but she has also shown fans that her kids, Owen and Elijah, are buddies with Josey Dorsey.

Morris has proven to be a good friend. Before the news of her friend's death, she constantly reminded the public to pray and be on the lookout for the actress.