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August 16, 2020

Viola Davis Flaunts Her Natural Hair While Posing in a Gorgeous Yellow Dress during a Photo Shoot

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Viola Davis looks fantastic in the latest video shared by the actress showing her rocking a beautiful yellow dress. Check it out now. 

When you've spent as much time in front of the camera as Viola Davis, you definitely know your angles, and the latest video shared by the star proves it. 

Davis shared a stunning video of herself to Instagram, showing her posing in a gorgeous yellow dress and rocking an afro. 


The Oscar winner looked terrific in the clip and her fans including Yvette Nicole Brown thought so too, calling her "gorgeous."

Other celebrity friends including Taraji P Henson and Wendy Raquel Robinson also loved the video which was captioned with a Maya Angelou quote that said:

"You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt. but still, like dust, I'll rise."



Davis, who appeared in the 2011 movie "The Help," recently opened up about the role, sharing that she felt like she had betrayed herself for taking on the part. 

The book written in 2009 was criticized for perpetuating a White savior narrative and the star said that she felt ashamed she was in the movie that "wasn't ready to tell the whole truth."

The actress revealed that she had grown up in poverty.


During the coronavirus pandemic, Davis has partnered with a cause that is close to her by working with "No Kid Hungry" to bring awareness to the hunger crisis.

The actress revealed that she had grown up in poverty, even sharing that she had been teased in school for her school lunches which made her want to get involved with the organization. She said:

"When all your money goes towards your rent, you don't have anything leftover or you never had it to begin with."



In addition to that, Davis was also involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, arranging a neighborhood demonstration for those who needed to be more mindful of their health. 

Together with Yvette Nicole Brown, her husband Julius Tennon, and a handful of others, the group camped out on Laurel Canyon Boulevard to show their support for the cause. 

Executive Producers of "The March," Julius Tennon (L) and Viola Davis (R) attend the TIME Launch Event for The March VR Exhibit | Photo: Getty Images


Davis will also be taking on a new role as Michelle Obama in "First Ladies," with the star admitting that she was absolutely terrified about the part. 

She added that despite all her awards, she felt as though messing up this particular part would be a defining moment in her life.