August 16, 2020

'Empire' Star Gabby Sidibe Shows off Her Slimmer Figure in a Black Top While Working Out at the Gym

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American actress, Gabourey Sidibe is proud of her progress as she takes to social media with a photo update showing off her weight loss in an armless black top and tight pants. 

Gabourey Sidibe is steadily making progress with her weight loss. The "Empire" actress recently took to Instagram with a shot from the gym which featured her posing in an armless black top and grey slacks. 

In her captions, she sensitized fans on what she was doing to help out Black activists putting their life on the line to secure a better future. She began by sharing a short story about how, as a little girl in Brooklyn, she had been "terrified" to leave her apartment because of "Yusef Hawkins' tragic murder."


Gabourey Sidibe in the "Talk Less" episode of EMPIRE airing Tuesday, March 10 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Now 30 years after the dreadful incident, Sidibe says she was reminded of her terror from back then while watching HBO's "Storm Over Brooklyn."


This time, however, she says rather than hide, she is ready to fight. She concluded her caption by sharing what she was doing to help the Black Lives Matter movement. She wrote

"I'm #TakingOnTheStorm by donating to bail funds that support Black activists putting their lives on the line for our freedom. How are you taking on the storm?"


In the comments section, fans commended Sidibe for her encouraging words. Many pointed out how great she looked and urged her to keep breaking limits both with her weight loss and her feats as an entertainer.  

Sidibe, who first received public acclaim with her breakout role in "Precious," has been trying to lose weight for years with no luck. She opted for surgery after she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

At the end of 2019, she received a loving tribute from him.


She turned to laparoscopic bariatric surgery—a surgical procedure in which 80 percent of the stomach is removed. Since then, she has grown bolder on social media, often taking every opportunity to show off her ongoing progress. 

She also put out a memoir titled, "This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare." The journal talks about a myriad of different things including depression and weight. 

Sidibe is currently in a relationship with aspiring actor, Brandon Frankel. At the end of 2019, she received a loving tribute from him, showing that the pair is in it for the long haul. 


Frankel took to Instagram with several shots of him with Sidibe and added a lengthy caption that had nearly everyone in their feelings. He referred to the talented actress as his "Queen" while listing her most desirable attributes.  

Sidibe reacted to the heartwarming post with an equally emotional write-up. She stated that Frankel was the cherry on top of the previous decade and the foundation of the next. 


Sidibe and Frankel have reportedly been seeing each other since May 2019. However, they did not become official until July when he shared a photo of her on Instagram while tagging her his "sunshine."

Aside from acting, Sidibe has also expressed a desire to direct. This began after she was chosen to direct an episode of "Empire." It was a success and now the talented actress has every intention to do it again.