Boris Kodjoe and Brother Patrick Pose for a Photo Together – Do They Look Alike?

Comfort Omovre
Aug 16, 2020
07:30 P.M.
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Actor and former model Boris Kodjoe is making the headlines over his feature with his brother, Patrick Kodjoe, in a new Instagram shot. The Kodjoes showed off their masculinity in the post.


Many fans of the 2000s drama series "Soul Food" are familiar with the name Boris Kodjoe. His feature in the on-screen production afforded him the opportunity to meet his real-life soul mate and wife of fifteen years, Nicole Ari Parker.

While many are familiar with their love story on-screen and off-screen, the entertainers have also built a reputation of looking good. Boris is a former model and has maintained his physique and charming looks.

Boris Kodjoe attends the Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala at Tyler Perry Studios on October 05, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


He and Nicole are not the only ones who take their appearances seriously. The actor's brother, Patrick is also on board. A recently-shared snap showed the brothers sitting next to each other.

The actor donned a white sleeveless outfit with dark shades while his younger sibling opted for a black short-sleeved shirt. The duo looked away from the camera and the post was captioned:

"If 'thinking of a master plan' was a pair of brothers."


It is not certain what the master plan will be, but so far, the brothers have come up with incredible ideas targeted to help families. They created an app known as "KOFIT."

The app allows busy families to maintain a healthy routine by abiding by daily motivations, nutrition, yoga sessions, and workouts. 

The Kodjoe brothers are like-minded that is why the project has been a success.


Last year, Boris, who is as busy as his actress wife, explained that he understands the stress associated with staying fit, especially when a couple has a busy routine. 

The pair share two kids so it is understandable that the father of two can relate to the situation. He said that the program shares important information and makes it easily accessible to families.


The actor stated that family time is highly crucial and that the routines on the app make it possible for his family to have a swell time as they practice it together. He further explained:

"I put my wife and my kids first...  And it's reflected in what we do in the app because we're doing this together."

The father of two further gushed on his wife and exalted her role as not only a mother, an actress, or a wife, but as an inspiration.


Another big influencer is Patrick who is a nutritionist and a fitness instructor.  He contributes by giving essential pieces of advice and workout routines. The Kodjoe brothers are like-minded that is why the project has been a success.

The actor seems to have

attained a level of perfection in his life

. He is a father, a hot looking and talented entertainer, and a lover who has maintained a successful marriage for nearly two decades.