August 18, 2020

Woman Wears Her Wedding Dress to Friend’s Wedding

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A Reddit user who wore her proposed wedding dress to her friend's wedding is baffled at her supposed friend's reaction. She took to the social media platform to share the story.

Everyone's perception of specific issues in life varies. What is capable of being a hilarious situation for one person can turn out to make another person angry.

A woman took to Reddit to explain a funny story that occurred between herself and a friend over her choice of wedding dress.

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The user explained that she and her fiance were planning to elope in the fall to get married. Since she and her fiance are minimalist, they planned to spend little on their wedding.

She explained that because of their plan to cut costs, she would wear her favorite long red dress for her wedding as she had nothing else to wear.

However, things took a turn when one of her good friends invited her to attend her wedding. The two women worked on ensuring that all the details for the wedding were planned correctly.

Man and woman looking at each other. | Photo: Pexels


The friend insisted that she got a dress for her wedding, but due to the agreement she had with her fiance, the woman decided not to spend money on getting a new dress.

Despite her friend's pleas, the user intimated that she stood her ground and decided to wear one of her old dresses rather than splurge on a new one.

A week before her friend's wedding, the woman got a text explaining that the outfit for the wedding was formal attire, and she decided to wear her long red dress.


A day after the wedding, the woman got a text from her friend who bashed her for wearing the dress. The woman wrote that her friend called her inconsiderate for wearing her "wedding dress" to another person's wedding.

The woman then admitted to being confused as she had not even worn the red dress for the wedding yet. The whole situation turned perplexing when her friend refused to talk to her, which is now making her feel bad.

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Reddit users took to the comments section to share their thoughts and views on how the situation played out. Some expressed that the woman was not wrong for wearing the red dress while others wanted to know why she did not wear something different.

Some of the comments agreed that the friend was being irrational, and the woman was in the clear as her friend needed to be more considerate of her situation.

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In all, most people agreed that the woman was not in the wrong, and perhaps her friend was upset about something other than the dress.

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