Piers Morgan's Father Died When He Was 11 Months Old — Glimpse into the TV Host's Family

Edduin Carvajal
Aug 21, 2020
01:30 P.M.
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The father of English journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan, best known as one of the presenters of "Good Morning Britain," died before Piers' first birthday.


Although Piers is known for digging into the lives of many celebrities, he has rarely spoken about his own childhood and upbringing. However, some details about his late dad are available online.

[Elise] is famous for making fun (lightly) of her dad's appearance.

Piers Morgan on February 6, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images



Eamonn Vincent O'Meara, Piers Morgan's father, was a dentist from Ireland who passed away in a car accident when Piers was only 11 months old.

Since the TV personality was too young when that happened, he doesn't remember Eamonn. However, he is very proud of his Irish ancestry, and he made it clear while speaking at the 2019 Irish Post Award.


During his speech, Piers revealed that Eamonn moved from Galway, Ireland, to England, and that he had a sister who decided to move to Offaly, also in Ireland. Some of Eamonn's cousins still live in Dublin.

Following Eamonn's death, Piers' mother, Gabrielle O'Meara, found love again in Glynne Pughe-Morgan, and that's where the TV presenter got his last name.


As per Piers' love life, he has been married only twice throughout his life. His first wife was Marion Shallow. They were together between 1991 and 2008 and share three children.

Piers' second and current wife is journalist and novelist Celia Morgan. They have been together since 2010 and share one daughter. At the moment, Piers Morgan has four children, and some of them have made headlines for their behavior.



Sports journalist Spencer is Piers Morgan's eldest (and most famous) child. He is known for spending time with plenty of celebrities and living a very luxurious life.

In fact, his Instagram account is filled with posts taken in different locations, including Saint-Tropez, The Maldives, and Ibiza. Apart from that, he attended a $22,000-a-year private school when he was younger.

Earlier this year, Spencer got backlash for criticizing people who complained about the 20% salary reduction due to the coronavirus pandemic. As Liverpool Echo reported, some netizens called him a "spoilt brat" and pointed out that his tweet showed his "privilege."



Marion Shallow and Piers Morgan's middle son is Stanley, who is currently studying to be an actor. Although he is quite young, he has already founded an independent film and theater company called OneFiveFive Productions. About him, Piers said:

[Stanley's] a young actor, just come out of drama school. There's no acting going on! […] But they're all doing a lot of creative stuff now within the limitations of what they have."

According to Stanley, he and his dad have gone "head to head" because of their different political views. Fortunately, their dissimilarities have not taken a toll on their relationship, and nowadays, they have a great relationship.



Bertie, as Albert is also referred to, has been labeled as the "brains" in the Morgan family, especially after he got three A*s in his A-levels (a subject-based qualification done by students completing secondary or pre-university education).

At the moment, Bertie is studying at Bristol University. Due to the COVID-19 situation, he has been taking online classes that, according to Piers, have been working just fine.

Speaking of that illness, Bertie contracted the virus in April, and after dealing with mild symptoms like losing his taste and smell, he is doing much better.



Elise is the only child that Piers Morgan and his wife, Celia, have. The young girl is famous for making fun (lightly) of her dad's appearance.

The TV presenter once recalled the story of how he told Elise that he looked like actor Colin Firth. However, after a long pause, she replied, "no, Dada. You're a lot fatter."

Piers Morgan's daughter has also appeared on "Good Morning Britain" next to her dad, so it's very likely to see her pursuing a journalism career in the future.


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