Woman Takes Away Her Son's Internet Access Every Sunday Because He Does Not Go to Church

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 20, 2020
05:30 A.M.
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A woman who deprived her teenage son of internet access every Sunday because he does not go to church wants to know if she is doing the right thing.


A concerned woman has taken to the streets of Reddit to share the dramatic story behind her and her son’s feud. The woman, who is a staunch catholic, explained that she had tried her best to raise her kids in the faith. However, her 16-year-old son doesn’t oblige.

According to her, he came to her a few years ago and told her that he was an atheist and would no longer be going to church. She said to him that his decision wouldn’t take away the love she has for him. 

A photo of catholics attending mass. | Photo: Unsplash.


However, because he belongs to a church-going family, she would have to strip away his internet access every Sunday and give him the book “The Case for Christ” to read while they are away.

For three years, she notes that the teenager keeps contesting her on the rule, but she advises him to do a lot of research and make an informed decision before deciding on being an atheist. 

A picture of a rosary used by catholics. | Photo: Unsplash.


She also made sure to let him know that even though he bought his laptop, the electricity and internet he uses was paid by her, so she has full right to turn them off as she pleases.

To discipline him some more, the woman informed him that if he keeps staying away from the church, his siblings would also lose out on internet access for the day. If he tries to find a way around it, she will heighten the punishment, and they would be without internet for a whole week. 


One fateful day, their son didn’t go to church, and she cut off the internet, as usual, only to return and find him on it using “Mac Spoofing.” When she confronted him about it and grounded him for a week, but he refused, saying, “access to the internet is a human right as declared by the UN.” 

She became furious and yelled at him to abide by her rules if he wants to keep living in her house, but he told her that he didn’t ask to be born, so he had no choice but to live there.


He then threatened to cut all contact with his parents, not invite them to his graduation and throw them in a nursing home if she kept up her troubles before slamming the door on her. 

A similar story is that of religious parents who were shocked their only daughter was gay. Bent on fixing her “temporary absurdity” they invited the priest’s son in the hopes that he could charm her.

A photo of a young priest. | Photo: Unsplash.

Unknown to them, the priest son was about to be married to his partner, who is a man named Steve. What do you think of these situations?