Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Jr Turns 20 – See the Precious Mementos She Kept from His Childhood

Tichafa Chidzonga
Aug 19, 2020
10:02 A.M.
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Talk show host Wendy Williams found a unique way to celebrate her only son's 20th birthday as the mother and son were miles apart during his special day.


Most parents like to dig through old family photos when it's their children's birthday. However, for Wendy Williams, she added a unique element to her moment of reflection as she displayed her most treasured moments with her only son, Kevin Hunter Jr

The proud mom gave her followers a look at her keepsake items. It included a few photos of Kevin, lockets of hair, and a white Jordan sneaker. The most unique thing was a dried up piece of her cervical stitches.


Williams gushed over her son in a heartfelt post. She called Kevin's 20th birthday her "biggest day" and said they were celebrating together in their own way. As she explained all her keepsake items, she added:

"If you look closely you'll see remains of 1st hair cut, my cerclage is on sneaker, like a mom...I DO have all his teeth."


A few of Williams' fans shared that they were celebrating a birthday in their families the same day. One fan wrote, "my son is 16 today! Happy birthday to Kevin!"

Another fan commented, "happy birthday to your son Wendy. I love it when you talk about your relationship with him." A few fans had questions about Kevin's hair which she kept. One person questioned how she was storing her cervical stitches.

A fan commented on Wendy Williams' keepsake items which she displayed on her son Kevin Hunter's 20th birthday | Source: instagram.com/wendyshow


Williams revealed that she and Kevin were miles apart on his birthday. While she was at her home in New York, Kevin was in Miami. The talk show host shared a photo of a seafood and vegetable dinner and said that she was having Kevin's birthday cake for dessert.

As she showed off a photo of the strawberry-filled cheesecake she was eating in honor of her son's birthday, Wendy also revealed that she was laying on his bed and watching television.


As she lay on the designer bed's cover, Williams had a moment of reflection and also shared an interesting fact for her followers. She shared:

"Being a mother is ALWAYS something I wished for. That beanie baby I've had since Kevin was a baby. It looks like him-ish."

Williams finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., after 21 years of marriage. An affair and child rocked the couple's marriage.

Amid the couple's divorce in July 2019, Kevin Jr. was arrested after he allegedly got into a physical fight with his father. According to E!, Kevin Jr. pled not guilty and their family has made peace since the incident.