August 24, 2020

Watch Richard Pryor's Daughter Rain Dance with Her Own Daughter in an Adorable New Video

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Late comedian Richard Pryor's daughter, Rain Pryor, shared an adorable video that showed her dancing with her daughter on her Instagram page. 

Actress and comedian Rain Pryor and her daughter Lotus displayed some scintillating dance moves, which the latter shared with fans in a video on her Instagram page. 

In the video, the proud mom and her daughter danced synchronously to Tre Oh Fie's hit song, "On Beat," with Pryor trying her best to keep up with Lotus's pace. 

Richard Pryor attending the "Night of 100 Stars" in March 1982. | Photo: Getty Images


The actress wore a dark top and jeans with her hair rolled back in a bun shape. Her daughter wore a camo top which she matched with black Adidas shorts. 

The dancing pair showcased their moves outdoors with the sun shining hard on them. Behind them were a tree and a parked car. Pryor captioned her post: 

"I have to audition and rehearse for these videos. My daughter finds me incompetent and embarrassing." 


A few of her fans commented on the post with one of them saying that the video was cute and commending Pryor for keeping up with the beat of the song, given that it is not an easy feat. 

Pryor opened up about her late father in an interview, saying most people did not know that he was really a dad.


Despite being the daughter of the famous comedian Richard Pryor, Rain did not live in her father's shadow. Instead, she carved her own space in the world of entertainment and even beyond. 

Last year, she announced that she would be going into politics. Her decision came because she did not like the way officials in Lotus' school handled bullying. Hence, she decided to do something about it. 

On her 50th birthday, Pryor filed to run for the Baltimore City Council, aiming to defeat first-term Councilman Ryan Dorsey who is from the city's northern district.


Many fans knew Richard Pryor as a groundbreaking African American comedian who was one of the world's foremost entertainers in the 1970s and the 1980s. 

The iconic comedian, who died of a heart attack in 2005 held audiences spellbound with his delivery. He was also an award-winning actor. In his lifetime, he was married seven times to five different women, including Rain's mom, Shelley Bonus. 


Pryor opened up about her late father in an interview, saying most people did not know that he was really a dad. She revealed that her father usually switched from being a complete hands-on dad to being hands-off at the same time. 

Pryor also said that her father played a huge role in her not getting work when she decided to go into showbiz, telling her that she would have to do it all alone. He also urged her to be honest and be herself at all times, a bit of advice that still reflects in everything she does.