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4-Year-Old Girl Is Lured into a Car and Kidnapped at a Petrol Station in Ukraine

Jaimie-lee Prince
Sep 01, 2020
06:56 P.M.

A woman in Ukraine nearly lost her little girl after a man distracted her long enough to take the girl away. Luckily, police in the area handled the situation quickly.


Residents of Ukraine's Kyiv region were jolted on Saturday when news emerged about a four-year-old girl who was kidnapped while standing with her mother at a petrol station.

The mother-daughter pair were in Boryspil city when the mother stopped to refuel her vehicle. While distracted by the filling machine, a man approached the young girl and lured her into his car.

Man pours petrol into a gas tank | Photo: Pixabay

Man pours petrol into a gas tank | Photo: Pixabay


According to the report, the man drove off in an "unknown direction." At about 8 p.m., the mother called a hotline to report the kidnapping. A special force got on the case right away.

The local police worked with the Office of Criminal Investigations in Kyiv to comb through the neighborhood. After two hours of searching, the group found the girl unharmed.

A little girl walks in the woods | Photo: Pixabay

A little girl walks in the woods | Photo: Pixabay


They also caught the 29-year-old local resident who had taken her. The girl was seen being comforted by her mother and others in local news reports.

In the comments, viewers expressed extreme relief for the family and thanked the police for working so hard to return the child to her mother quickly.

Woman sits with young girl in a meadow | Photo: Pixabay

Woman sits with young girl in a meadow | Photo: Pixabay



Just over a month ago, Canadian "Sports Centre" host, Dan O'Toole, experienced a similar misfortune when his one-month-old baby was allegedly kidnapped.

O'Toole shared very few details of the incident, prompting many to disbelieve the story. He even had to absolve his wife of accusations that she had taken their daughter.


O'Toole asked the naysayers if they ever had to look into their children's eyes and not be able to explain where a sibling was. The television host has two other daughters, Ruby and Sydney, with his ex-wife.

Some persons were kind enough to send supportive messages as they read O'Toole's plea to the kidnapper to send his newborn baby back. He reportedly said he was broken by what happened.




O'Toole said he believes the girl is alive but has no idea where she is. Thankfully, his little one was found four hours after disappearing. Details of where she was found were not released.

O'Toole said that right after hearing the news, he still had not held his child. He also did not inform fans of who took the little one. Presumably, O'Toole eventually reunited with daughter Oakland.


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