September 03, 2020

LL Cool J's Wife Simone Shares Rare Family Photos with Their Kids & Aunt in This New Post

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Rapper LL Cool J's wife of almost two decades takes to her Instagram to publicly mourn the loss of a beloved family member who battled multiple sclerosis.

In a recent post on Instagram, rapper LL Cool J's wife, Simone Smith publicly mourned the death of a family member and shared rare family photos showing their kids with her aunt who passed away. Her tribute began:

"To my sweet sweet, funny funny, strong strong resilient resilient godmother Aunt Jan...didn't steal your joy or your happiness."

Simone Smith and actor LL Cool J at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards | Photo: Getty Images


Smith recalled how her dearest Aunt Jan loved her life to the fullest despite her illness. She remembered how she got her first pair of heels from Shoetique off Jamaica Avenue in Queens.

The mourning niece wrote that she loved going to her aunt's home, warmly remembering how terrified she used to be of her Doberman Pinscher. They got to raise their kids together and talk about the memories their kids shared during holidays.


"Aunt Jan was hilarious: she always had jokes and even made a very funny one the last time they spoke on FaceTime," Smith concluded, saying Jan was one of her favorite people and thanked her for being a great example of strength and resilience.

Behind the scenes, Smith's perfect family and her seemingly perfect marriage is just like every other with their own challenges.

From Smith's touching tribute to her late Aunt Jan who recently passed, it is clear to see that family is something that she holds very dear and close to her heart.


She has been married to her hubby, rapper LL Cool J since 1995. They are a Hollywood power couple whose relationship stood the test of time. 

They had their first two children before marriage, a son, Najee, and then a daughter, India. After getting married, they had daughters, Nina and Samaria.


In 2018, the rapper posted photos and videos of his first daughter, Italia's baby shower with her husband, Lamar. Cool J, the proud dad, wrote on Instagram: "#mood."

The grandpa-to-be wore a regal black and gold outfit with his signature beanie and dark sunglasses. He sat in a magnificent gold chair and gave a cool smile to the camera. No one had ever looked as ready as he was to be a grandfather.


Months later in 2019, the rapper's third and youngest daughter, Nina, showed the world that she was following in her father's footsteps. 

The then-19-year-old released her first single, "Call Me" on her 19th birthday, which premiered in a now-deleted video on her Instagram page. Stepping out of her father's shadow and into her own path seemed like a great way to celebrate her 19th birthday.


Behind the scenes, Smith's wonderful family and her seemingly perfect marriage are just like every other with their own challenges.

One of Cool J and Smith's most memorable fights happened back in the day when the rapper did a provocative music video that deeply upset his wife.

She reportedly did not speak to him for two weeks until a sincere apology was offered with the vow to keep his music from veering to that path.

With such rocky days behind them, Cool J and his wife are great and their kids are doing well too. Even though right now they are mourning the loss of their dear Aunt Jan, there is still a lot of love to go around and provide comfort.