Cleveland Zoo Has Its First Baby Koala in Nearly a Decade

Lois Oladejo
Sep 06, 2020
10:00 P.M.
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Cleveland Metropark Zoo recently announced on Twitter a rare occurence of the birth of its first baby Koala in almost a decade.


Cleveland Zoo shared with its followers on Twitter the birth of its first baby Koala, in almost a decade. The tweet held a lot of excitement as it was loaded with pictures and a caption that read :

"... For the first time in nearly 10 years Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has a baby #koala, also known as a joey! This is also the first joey for mom, Mackenzie, & dad, Nyoonbi. Koala..."

A Koala latching onto a tree. | Photo: Flickr


The pictures shared of the baby Koala stirred up warm feelings by its sheer cuteness. The baby Koala was shown clinging to its mother in every frame and, at some point, almost completely covered by her.

Cleveland Zoo followers shared in the excitement as they expressed their newfound love for the baby Koala. Several fans were amazed by the cuteness of the Baby Koala, while others were excited to go see it.


The baby Koala, A.K.A joey, was the first for the mom, Mackenzie, and dad, Nyoonbi, as shared by Cleveland Zoo in the birth announcement.

A Baby Koala is as tiny as a jelly bean at birth. It is born deaf and blind

Cleveland Zoo shared in a Facebook post that keepers had noticed movements in the mom, Mackenzie's pouch, since May. They had been keeping a close watch on her.


The Zoo added that their excitement came to a peak when the baby Koala came out of Mackenzie's pouch after six months and climbed unto her laps. 

According to National Geographic, Koalas are Marsupials. Simply put, they are placental mammals. A Baby Koala is as tiny as a jelly bean at birth. It is born deaf and blind.


It crawls into its mother's pouch immediately to grow out its body parts. The pouch, which is on the mother's belly, can be zipped and unzipped by the mother, using a special muscle.

The baby Koala remains in the pouch for about six months. This is the average time it needs to grow its hair and ears, to see, and to waddle on its own.


The baby Koala comes out after six months but stays very close to the mother. This is seen in the pictures from The Cleveland Zoo as the baby Koala was always close to Mackenzie. 

The Cleveland Zoo has said that guests will be allowed to visit Mackenzie and the baby Koala at Gumleaf Hideout in Australian Adventure on even-numbered calendar dates between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.