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Woman Forces Her Vegan Daughter to Cook Meat

Gracious Egedegbe
Sep 04, 2020
09:30 A.M.
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A woman forced her vegan daughter to cook meat after she threw out a pot of beef chili because of the smell. Although the woman thinks she might have gone too far, many Reddit users were in support of her decision.


This story of the day is about a woman who sought the opinion of Reddit users after she forced her 16-year-old vegan daughter to cook meat.

According to the woman, her daughter has been a vegan for about a year, and so far, she and every other member of the family has been as supportive as they can.

Photo of an angry woman. | Photo: Pixabay


Before her daughter became a vegan, meat was not an everyday food in their house, so it was not so difficult to accommodate the lifestyle change.

Whenever they ate meat in the house, the woman always made sure to cook something else for her daughter and would also clean the dishes.

The woman noted that a few months after her daughter became a vegan, she tried to convince the rest of the family to become vegans also.


However, because they never agreed, the girl always ended up angry, but her parents later shut down the behavior. They told her she was free to follow whatever lifestyle choices she had made but should not expect others to follow in her footsteps.

Although the girl sulked for a while, she got over it after a while and stopped trying to turn her family into vegans.


One weekend, the woman cooked a big pot of chili, which included a small vegan portion for her daughter and a large beef portion for the rest of the family. She then refrigerated it to preserve it ahead of the next week.

However, by the next day, the fridge was empty. It turned out to be that her daughter threw out all the chili in the fridge because she felt the smell of the meat was too strong.

The girl said that she could not take anything from the fridge without gagging because the smell of meat lingered. She then asked her mother to throw out all the vegan food in the refrigerator and restock them.


On hearing this, the woman and her husband were angry because the girl wasted a lot of food, which was not acceptable.

The woman then told her daughter she would keep using the vegan products in the fridge because she was not going to waste food. As a punishment, she also gave her daughter the chili recipe and told her she needs to buy them and cook it the next weekend.

The girl was hesitant about the punishment. She started crying and yelling while noting that her mother was awful and disgusting for forcing her to cook meat.

Photo of a crying lady. | Photo: Pixabay


Due to her daughter's response, the woman thinks she went a little too far with the punishment, but her husband thinks she made the right decision.

Reddit users also seemed to agree with her, with many of them stating that her daughter was selfish to have thrown out the food. To them, one has to pay for one's mistakes and the punishment was fit for the crime.

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